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My Lord, my Lord.My lord? My lord?Tim II.ii.192
See, by good hap yonders my Lord, I haueSee, by good hap, yonder's my lord. I haveTim III.ii.25
swet to see his Honor. My Honor'd Lord.sweat to see his honour. My honoured lord!Tim III.ii.26
May it please your Honour, my Lord hathMay it please your honour, my lord hathTim III.ii.30
sent---sent – Tim III.ii.31
Has onely sent his present Occasion now my'Has only sent his present occasion now, myTim III.ii.35
Lord: requesting your Lordship to supply his instant vselord, requesting your lordship to supply his instant useTim III.ii.36
with so many Talents.with so many talents.Tim III.ii.37
But in the mean time he wants lesse my Lord.But in the mean time he wants less, my lord.Tim III.ii.40
If his occasion were not vertuous,If his occasion were not virtuous,Tim III.ii.41
I should not vrge it halfe so faithfully.I should not urge it half so faithfully.Tim III.ii.42
Vpon my soule 'tis true Sir.Upon my soul, 'tis true, sir.Tim III.ii.44
Yes sir, I shall. Yes, sir, I shall.Tim III.ii.60
If I might beseech you Gentlemen, to repayreIf I might beseech you, gentlemen, to repairTim III.iv.69
some other houre, I should deriue much from't. Forsome other hour, I should derive much from't. For,Tim III.iv.70
tak't of my soule, my Lord leanes wondrously to discontent:take't of my soul, my lord leans wondrously to discontent.Tim III.iv.71
His comfortable temper has forsooke him, he'sHis comfortable temper has forsook him. He'sTim III.iv.72
much out of health, and keepes his Chamber.much out of health and keeps his chamber.Tim III.iv.73
Good Gods.Good gods!Tim III.iv.77.2