Original textModern textKey line
The like to you kinde Varro.The like to you, kind Varro.Tim III.iv.2.1
So is theirs, and ours.So is theirs and ours.Tim III.iv.5.2
Ile shew you how t'obserue a strange euent:I'll show you how t' observe a strange event.Tim III.iv.18
Your Lord sends now for Money?Your lord sends now for money?Tim III.iv.19.1
And he weares Iewels now of Timons guift,And he wears jewels now of Timon's gift,Tim III.iv.20
For which I waite for money.For which I wait for money.Tim III.iv.21
One of Lord Timons men.One of Lord Timon's men.Tim III.iv.35
We attend his Lordship: pray signifie so much.We attend his lordship. Pray signify so much.Tim III.iv.39
Do you heare, sir?Do you hear, sir?Tim III.iv.44
We waite for certaine Money heere, sir.We wait for certain money here, sir.Tim III.iv.47.1
Oh heere's Seruilius: now wee shall know someO, here's Servilius. Now we shall know someTim III.iv.67
answere.answer.Tim III.iv.68
We cannot take this for answer, sir.We cannot take this for an answer, sir.Tim III.iv.78
My Lord, heere is my Bill.My lord, here is my bill.Tim III.iv.86
Mine, fifty Talents.Mine, fifty talents.Tim III.iv.94