Original textModern textKey line
Most honoured Timon, / It hath pleas'd the GodsMost honoured Timon, it hath pleased the godsTim I.ii.1
to remember my Fathers age, / And call him to long peace:To remember my father's age, and call him to long peace.Tim I.ii.2
He is gone happy, and has left me rich:He is gone happy, and has left me rich.Tim I.ii.3
Then, as in gratefull Vertue I am boundThen, as in grateful virtue I am boundTim I.ii.4
To your free heart, I do returne those TalentsTo your free heart, I do return those talents,Tim I.ii.5
Doubled with thankes and seruice, from whose helpeDoubled with thanks and service, from whose helpTim I.ii.6
I deriu'd libertie.I derived liberty.Tim I.ii.7.1
A Noble spirit.A noble spirit!Tim I.ii.13.1
All. ALL
So are we all.So are we all.Tim I.ii.171
Some speake. SOME
What do's his Lordship meane?What does his lordship mean?Tim
Some other. OTHERS
I know not.I know not.Tim
I haue lost my Gowne.I have lost my gown.Tim
Heere lyes my Gowne.Here lies my gown.Tim
One day he giues vs Diamonds, next day stones.One day he gives us diamonds, next day stones.Tim