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Heere my Lord.Here, my lord.JC I.ii.2
What mean you Casar? Think you to walk forth?What mean you, Caesar? Think you to walk forth?JC II.ii.8
You shall not stirre out of your house to day.You shall not stir out of your house today.JC II.ii.9
Casar, I neuer stood on Ceremonies,Caesar, I never stood on ceremonies,JC II.ii.13
Yet now they fright me: There is one within,Yet now they fright me. There is one within,JC II.ii.14
Besides the things that we haue heard and seene,Besides the things that we have heard and seen,JC II.ii.15
Recounts most horrid sights seene by the Watch.Recounts most horrid sights seen by the watch.JC II.ii.16
A Lionnesse hath whelped in the streets,A lioness hath whelped in the streets,JC II.ii.17
And Graues haue yawn'd, and yeelded vp their dead;And graves have yawned and yielded up their dead;JC II.ii.18
Fierce fiery Warriours fight vpon the CloudsFierce fiery warriors fought upon the cloudsJC II.ii.19
In Rankes and Squadrons, and right forme of WarreIn ranks and squadrons and right form of war,JC II.ii.20
Which drizel'd blood vpon the Capitoll:Which drizzled blood upon the Capitol;JC II.ii.21
The noise of Battell hurtled in the Ayre:The noise of battle hurtled in the air,JC II.ii.22
Horsses do neigh, and dying men did grone,Horses did neigh, and dying men did groan,JC II.ii.23
And Ghosts did shrieke and squeale about the streets.And ghosts did shriek and squeal about the streets.JC II.ii.24
O Casar, these things are beyond all vse,O Caesar, these things are beyond all use,JC II.ii.25
And I do feare them.And I do fear them.JC II.ii.26.1
When Beggers dye, there are no Comets seen,When beggars die, there are no comets seen;JC II.ii.30
The Heauens themselues blaze forth the death of PrincesThe heavens themselves blaze forth the death of princes.JC II.ii.31
Alas my Lord,Alas, my lord,JC II.ii.48.2
Your wisedome is consum'd in confidence:Your wisdom is consumed in confidence.JC II.ii.49
Do not go forth to day: Call it my feare,Do not go forth today: call it my fearJC II.ii.50
That keepes you in the house, and not your owne.That keeps you in the house, and not your own.JC II.ii.51
Wee'l send Mark Antony to the Senate house,We'll send Mark Antony to the Senate House,JC II.ii.52
And he shall say, you are not well to day:And he shall say you are not well today.JC II.ii.53
Let me vpon my knee, preuaile in this.Let me upon my knee prevail in this.JC II.ii.54
Say he is sicke.Say he is sick.JC II.ii.65.1

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