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We will be satisfied: let vs be satisfied.We will be satisfied: let us be satisfied.JC III.ii.1
I will heare Brutus speake.I will hear Brutus speak.JC III.ii.8.2
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None Brutus, none.None, Brutus, none.JC III.ii.35
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Liue Brutus, liue, liue.Live, Brutus! live, live!JC III.ii.48
Bring him with Triumph home vnto his house.Bring him with triumph home unto his house.JC III.ii.49
Wee'l bring him to his House, / With Showts and Clamors.We'll bring him to his house with shouts and clamours.JC III.ii.53
Peace ho.Peace, ho!JC III.ii.55
Stay ho, and let vs heare Mark Antony.Stay, ho! and let us hear Mark Antony.JC III.ii.63
This Casar was a Tyrant.This Caesar was a tyrant.JC III.ii.70.1
Me thinkes there is much reason in his sayings.Methinks there is much reason in his sayings.JC III.ii.109
If it be found so, some will deere abide it.If it be found so, some will dear abide it.JC III.ii.115
All. ALL
The Will, the Will; we will heare Casars Will.The will, the will! We will hear Caesar's will!JC III.ii.140
All. ALL
The Will, the Testament.The will! The testament!JC III.ii.155
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Come downe.Come down.JC III.ii.162
Stand from the Hearse, stand from the Body.Stand from the hearse! Stand from the body!JC III.ii.166
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Stand backe: roome, beare backe.Stand back! Room! Bear back!JC III.ii.169
O pitteous spectacle!O piteous spectacle!JC III.ii.199
O most bloody sight!O most bloody sight!JC III.ii.203
Reuenge / About, seeke, burne, fire, kill, slay, / Let Revenge! About! Seek! Burn! Fire! Kill! Slay! LetJC III.ii.205
not a Traitor liue.not a traitor live.JC III.ii.206
Peace there, heare the Noble Antony.Peace there! Hear the noble Antony!JC III.ii.208
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Wee'l Mutiny.We'll mutiny.JC III.ii.232.1
Wee'l burne the house of Brutus.We'll burn the house of Brutus.JC III.ii.232.2
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Peace hoe, heare Antony, most Noble Antony.Peace, ho! Hear Antony, most noble Antony!JC III.ii.235
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Most true, the Will, let's stay and heare the Wil.Most true. The will! Let's stay and hear the will.JC III.ii.240
All. ALL
Peace hoePeace, ho!JC III.ii.247
Neuer, neuer: come, away, away:Never, never! Come, away, away!JC III.ii.254
Wee'l burne his body in the holy place,We'll burn his body in the holy place,JC III.ii.255
And with the Brands fire the Traitors houses.And with the brands fire the traitors' houses.JC III.ii.256
Take vp the body.Take up the body.JC III.ii.257
What is your name?What is your name?JC III.iii.5
I, and breefely.Ay, and briefly.JC III.iii.10
As a Friend, or an Enemy?As a friend or an enemy?JC III.iii.21
Teare him to peeces, hee's a Conspirator.Tear him to pieces! He's a conspirator.JC III.iii.28

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