Original textModern textKey line
My selfe haue Letters of the selfe-same Tenure.Myself have letters of the self-same tenor.JC IV.iii.169
That by proscription, and billes of Outlarie,That by proscription and bills of outlawryJC IV.iii.171
Octauius, Antony, and Lepidus,Octavius, Antony, and LepidusJC IV.iii.172
Haue put to death, an hundred Senators.Have put to death an hundred senators.JC IV.iii.173
Cicero is dead, Cicero is dead,JC IV.iii.177.2
and by that order of proscriptionAnd by that order of proscription.JC IV.iii.178
Had you your Letters from your wife, my Lord?Had you your letters from your wife, my lord?JC IV.iii.179
Nor nothing in your Letters writ of her?Nor nothing in your letters writ of her?JC IV.iii.181
That me thinkes is strange.That, methinks, is strange.JC IV.iii.182.2
Then like a Roman, beare the truth I tell,Then like a Roman bear the truth I tell;JC IV.iii.186
For certaine she is dead, and by strange manner.For certain she is dead, and by strange manner.JC IV.iii.187
Euen so great men, great losses shold indure.Even so great men great losses should endure.JC IV.iii.191
Good night Lord Brutus.Good night, Lord Brutus.JC IV.iii.236.1
What sayes my Generall?What says my General?JC V.i.70.2
Beleeue not so.Believe not so.JC V.i.89.1
It is but change, Titinius: for OctauiusIt is but change, Titinius; for OctaviusJC V.iii.51
Is ouerthrowne by Noble Brutus power,Is overthrown by noble Brutus' power,JC V.iii.52
As Cassius Legions are by Antony.As Cassius' legions are by Antony.JC V.iii.53
Where did you leaue him.Where did you leave him?JC V.iii.55.1
Is not that he that lyes vpon the ground?Is not that he that lies upon the ground?JC V.iii.57
Is not that hee?Is not that he?JC V.iii.59.1
Mistrust of good successe hath done this deed.Mistrust of good success hath done this deed.JC V.iii.66
O hatefull Error, Melancholies Childe:O hateful Error, Melancholy's child,JC V.iii.67
Why do'st thou shew to the apt thoughts of menWhy dost thou show to the apt thoughts of menJC V.iii.68
The things that are not? O Error soone conceyu'd,The things that are not? O Error, soon conceived,JC V.iii.69
Thou neuer com'st vnto a happy byrth,Thou never com'st unto a happy birth,JC V.iii.70
But kil'st the Mother that engendred thee.But kill'st the mother that engendered thee.JC V.iii.71
Seeke him Titinius, whilst I go to meetSeek him, Titinius, whilst I go to meetJC V.iii.73
The Noble Brutus, thrusting this reportThe noble Brutus, thrusting this reportJC V.iii.74
Into his eares; I may say thrusting it:Into his ears. I may say ‘ thrusting ’ it;JC V.iii.75
For piercing Steele, and Darts inuenomed,For piercing steel and darts envenomedJC V.iii.76
Shall be as welcome to the eares of Brutus,Shall be as welcome to the ears of BrutusJC V.iii.77
As tydings of this sight.As tidings of this sight.JC V.iii.78.1
Loe yonder, and Titinius mourning it.Lo, yonder, and Titinius mourning it.JC V.iii.92
My Masters man. Strato, where is thy Master?My master's man. Strato, where is thy master?JC V.v.53
How dyed my Master Strato?How died my master, Strato?JC V.v.64
Octauius, then take him to follow thee,Octavius, then take him to follow thee,JC V.v.66
That did the latest seruice to my Master.That did the latest service to my master.JC V.v.67