Original textModern textKey line
I do not doubtI do not doubtJC IV.ii.10.2
But that my Noble Master will appeareBut that my noble master will appearJC IV.ii.11
Such as he is, full of regard, and Honour.Such as he is, full of regard and honour.JC IV.ii.12
Fly further off my Lord: flye further off,Fly further off, my lord, fly further off!JC V.iii.9
Mark Antony is in your Tents my Lord:Mark Antony is in your tents, my lord.JC V.iii.10
Flye therefore Noble Cassius, flye farre off.Fly therefore, noble Cassius, fly far off!JC V.iii.11
O my Lord.O my lord!JC V.iii.26
Titinius is enclosed round aboutTitinius is enclosed round aboutJC V.iii.28
With Horsemen, that make to him on the Spurre,With horsemen, that make to him on the spur,JC V.iii.29
Yet he spurres on. Now they are almost on him:Yet he spurs on. Now they are almost on him.JC V.iii.30
Now Titinius. Now some light: O he lights too.Now, Titinius! Now some light. O, he lights too!JC V.iii.31
Hee's tane. He's ta'en!JC V.iii.32.1
And hearke, they shout for ioy.And hark! They shout for joy.JC V.iii.32.2
So, I am free, / Yet would not so haue beeneSo, I am free; yet would not so have been,JC V.iii.47
Durst I haue done my will. O Cassius,Durst I have done my will. O Cassius!JC V.iii.48
Farre from this Country Pindarus shall run,Far from this country Pindarus shall run,JC V.iii.49
Where neuer Roman shall take note of him.Where never Roman shall take note of him.JC V.iii.50

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