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We will be satisfied: let vs be satisfied.We will be satisfied: let us be satisfied.JC III.ii.1
I will heare Cassius, and compare their Reasons,I will hear Cassius, and compare their reasons,JC III.ii.9
When seuerally we heare them rendred.When severally we hear them rendered.JC III.ii.10
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None Brutus, none.None, Brutus, none.JC III.ii.35
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Liue Brutus, liue, liue.Live, Brutus! live, live!JC III.ii.48
Giue him a Statue with his Ancestors.Give him a statue with his ancestors.JC III.ii.50
Peace, silence, Brutus speakes.Peace! Silence! Brutus speaks.JC III.ii.54.2
Peace, let vs heare what Antony can say.Peace! let us hear what Antony can say.JC III.ii.72
Peace hoe, let vs heare him.Peace, ho! let us hear him.JC III.ii.73.2
If thou consider rightly of the matter,If thou consider rightly of the matter,JC III.ii.110
Casar ha's had great wrong.Caesar has had great wrong.JC III.ii.111.1
Poore soule, his eyes are red as fire with weeping.Poor soul! His eyes are red as fire with weeping.JC III.ii.116
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The Will, the Will; we will heare Casars Will.The will, the will! We will hear Caesar's will!JC III.ii.140
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The Will, the Testament.The will! The testament!JC III.ii.155
They were Villaines, Murderers: the They were villains, murderers! TheJC III.ii.156
Will, read the Will.will! Read the will!JC III.ii.157
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Come downe.Come down.JC III.ii.162
Descend.Descend.JC III.ii.163
Roome for Antony, most Noble Antony.Room for Antony, most noble Antony!JC III.ii.167
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Stand backe: roome, beare backe.Stand back! Room! Bear back!JC III.ii.169
O Noble Casar!O noble Caesar!JC III.ii.200
We will be reueng'd: We will be revenged.JC III.ii.204
Reuenge / About, seeke, burne, fire, kill, slay, / Let Revenge! About! Seek! Burn! Fire! Kill! Slay! LetJC III.ii.205
not a Traitor liue.not a traitor live.JC III.ii.206
Wee'l heare him, wee'l follow him, We'll hear him, we'll follow him,JC III.ii.209
wee'l dy with him.we'll die with him.JC III.ii.210
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Wee'l Mutiny.We'll mutiny.JC III.ii.232.1
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Peace hoe, heare Antony, most Noble Antony.Peace, ho! Hear Antony, most noble Antony!JC III.ii.235
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Most true, the Will, let's stay and heare the Wil.Most true. The will! Let's stay and hear the will.JC III.ii.240
Most Noble Casar, wee'l reuenge his death.Most noble Caesar! We'll revenge his death.JC III.ii.244
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Peace hoePeace, ho!JC III.ii.247
Go fetch fire.Go fetch fire.JC III.ii.258
Whether are you going?Whither are you going?JC III.iii.6
Answer euery man directly.Answer every man directly.JC III.iii.9
That's as much as to say, they are That's as much as to say they areJC III.iii.17
fooles that marrie: you'l beare me a bang for that I feare: fools that marry. You'll bear me a bang for that, I fear.JC III.iii.18
proceede directly. Proceed, directly.JC III.iii.19
That matter is answered directly.That matter is answered directly.JC III.iii.23

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