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We will be satisfied: let vs be satisfied.We will be satisfied: let us be satisfied.JC III.ii.1
The Noble Brutus is ascended: Silence.The noble Brutus is ascended. Silence!JC III.ii.11
All. ALL
None Brutus, none.None, Brutus, none.JC III.ii.35
All. ALL
Liue Brutus, liue, liue.Live, Brutus! live, live!JC III.ii.48
Let him be Casar.Let him be Caesar.JC III.ii.51.1
Let him go vp into the publike Chaire,Let him go up into the public chair;JC III.ii.64
Wee'l heare him: Noble Antony go vp.We'll hear him. Noble Antony, go up.JC III.ii.65
He sayes, for Brutus sakeHe says, for Brutus' sakeJC III.ii.67.2
He findes himselfe beholding to vs all.He finds himself beholding to us all.JC III.ii.68
Nay that's certaine:Nay, that's certain.JC III.ii.70.2
We are blest that Rome is rid of him.We are blest that Rome is rid of him.JC III.ii.71
Ha's hee Masters? Has he, masters?JC III.ii.111.2
I feare there will a worse come in his place.I fear there will a worse come in his place.JC III.ii.112
There's not a Nobler man in Rome then Antony.There's not a nobler man in Rome than Antony.JC III.ii.117
All. ALL
The Will, the Will; we will heare Casars Will.The will, the will! We will hear Caesar's will!JC III.ii.140
All. ALL
The Will, the Testament.The will! The testament!JC III.ii.155
All. ALL
Come downe.Come down.JC III.ii.162
You shall haue leaue.You shall have leave.JC III.ii.164
All. ALL
Stand backe: roome, beare backe.Stand back! Room! Bear back!JC III.ii.169
O wofull day!O woeful day!JC III.ii.201
Reuenge / About, seeke, burne, fire, kill, slay, / Let Revenge! About! Seek! Burn! Fire! Kill! Slay! LetJC III.ii.205
not a Traitor liue.not a traitor live.JC III.ii.206
All. ALL
Wee'l Mutiny.We'll mutiny.JC III.ii.232.1
Away then, come, seeke the Conspirators.Away then! Come, seek the conspirators.JC III.ii.233
All. ALL
Peace hoe, heare Antony, most Noble Antony.Peace, ho! Hear Antony, most noble Antony!JC III.ii.235
All. ALL
Most true, the Will, let's stay and heare the Wil.Most true. The will! Let's stay and hear the will.JC III.ii.240
O Royall Casar.O royal Caesar!JC III.ii.245
All. ALL
Peace hoePeace, ho!JC III.ii.247
Plucke downe Benches.Pluck down benches.JC III.ii.259
Where do you dwell?Where do you dwell?JC III.iii.7
I, and truly, you were best.Ay, and truly, you were best.JC III.iii.12
Your name sir, truly.Your name, sir, truly.JC III.iii.26
Teare him, tear him; Tear him, tear him!JC III.iii.35
Come Brands hoe, Firebrands: to Brutus, to Cassius, Come, brands ho, firebrands! To Brutus', to Cassius';JC III.iii.36
burne all. Some to Decius House, and some to Caska's; burn all! Some to Decius' house, and some to Casca's;JC III.iii.37
some to Ligarius: Away, go.some to Ligarius'. Away, go!JC III.iii.38

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