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Arme my Lords, Rome neuer had more cause,Arm, my lords! Rome never had more cause:Tit IV.iv.62
The Gothes haue gather'd head, and with a powerThe Goths have gathered head, and with a powerTit IV.iv.63
Of high resolued men, bent to the spoyleOf high-resolved men, bent to the spoil,Tit IV.iv.64
They hither march amaine, vnder conductThey hither march amain, under conductTit IV.iv.65
Of Lucius, Sonne to old Andronicus:Of Lucius, son to old Andronicus,Tit IV.iv.66
Who threats in course of this reuenge to doWho threats in course of this revenge to doTit IV.iv.67
As much as euer Coriolanus did.As much as ever Coriolanus did.Tit IV.iv.68
Your bidding shall I do effectually.Your bidding shall I do effectually.Tit IV.iv.107
Lord Lucius, and you Princes of the Gothes,Lord Lucius, and you princes of the Goths,Tit V.i.156
The Romaine Emperour greetes you all by me,The Roman Emperor greets you all by me,Tit V.i.157
And for he vnderstands you are in Armes,And, for he understands you are in arms,Tit V.i.158
He craues a parly at your Fathers houseHe craves a parley at your father's house,Tit V.i.159
Willing you to demand your Hostages,Willing you to demand your hostagesTit V.i.160
And they shall be immediately deliuered.And they shall be immediately delivered.Tit V.i.161
Come come, thou reuerent man of Rome,Come, come, thou reverend man of Rome,Tit V.iii.136
And bring our Emperour gently in thy hand,And bring our emperor gently in thy hand,Tit V.iii.137
Lucius our Emperour: for well I know,Lucius, our emperor – for well I knowTit V.iii.138
The common voyce do cry it shall be so.The common voice do cry it shall be so.Tit V.iii.139

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