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Ho the Iibbetmaker, he sayes that he hath taken Ho, the gibbet-maker? He says that he hath takenTit IV.iii.80
them downe againe, for the man must not be hang'd till them down again, for the man must not be hanged tillTit IV.iii.81
the next weeke.the next week.Tit IV.iii.82
Alas sir I know not Iupiter: / I neuer dranke with Alas, sir, I know not Jubiter. I never drank withTit IV.iii.84
him in all my life.him in all my life.Tit IV.iii.85
I of my Pigions sir, nothing else.Ay, of my pigeons, sir, nothing else.Tit IV.iii.87
From heauen? Alas sir, I neuer came there, God From heaven? Alas, sir, I never came there. GodTit IV.iii.89
forbid I should be so bold, to presse to heauen in myforbid I should be so bold to press to heaven in myTit IV.iii.90
young dayes. Why I am going with my pigeons to theyoung days. Why, I am going with my pigeons to theTit IV.iii.91
Tribunall Plebs, to take vp a matter of brawle, betwixt my tribunal plebs to take up a matter of brawl betwixt myTit IV.iii.92
Vncle, and one of the Emperialls men.uncle and one of the Emperal's men.Tit IV.iii.93
Nay truely sir, I could neuer say grace in all my Nay, truly sir, I could never say grace in all myTit IV.iii.99 IV.iii.100
I sirAy, sir.Tit IV.iii.107
I warrant you sir, let me alone.I warrant you, sir. Let me alone.Tit IV.iii.113
God be with you sir, I will. Exit.God be with you sir. I will.Tit IV.iii.119
Yea forsooth, and your Mistership be Emperiall.Yea, forsooth, an your mistress-ship be Emperial.Tit IV.iv.40
'Tis he; God & Saint Stephen giue you good 'Tis he. God and Saint Stephen give you goodTit IV.iv.42
den; I haue brought you a Letter, & a couple of Pigions e'en. I have brought you a letter and a couple of pigeonsTit IV.iv.43 IV.iv.44
How much money must I haue?How much money must I have?Tit IV.iv.46
Hang'd? berLady, then I haue brought vp a neckHanged, by' Lady? Then I have brought up a neckTit IV.iv.48
to a faire a fair end.Tit IV.iv.49

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