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Braue slip, sprung from the Great Andronicus,Brave slip, sprung from the great Andronicus,Tit V.i.9
Whose name was once our terrour, now our comfort,Whose name was once our terror, now our comfort,Tit V.i.10
Whose high exploits, and honourable Deeds,Whose high exploits and honourable deedsTit V.i.11
Ingratefull Rome requites with foule contempt:Ingrateful Rome requites with foul contempt,Tit V.i.12
Behold in vs, weele follow where thou lead'st,Be bold in us. We'll follow where thou lead'st,Tit V.i.13
Like stinging Bees in hottest Sommers day,Like stinging bees in hottest summer's dayTit V.i.14
Led by their Maister to the flowred fields,Led by their master to the flowered fields,Tit V.i.15
And be aueng'd on cursed Tamora:And be avenged on cursed Tamora.Tit V.i.16
And as he saith, so say we all with him.And as he saith, so say we all with him.Tit V.i.17
What canst thou say all this, and neuer blush?What, canst thou say all this and never blush?Tit V.i.121
My Lord, there is a Messenger from RomeMy lord, there is a messenger from RomeTit V.i.152
Desires to be admitted to your presence.Desires to be admitted to your presence.Tit V.i.153
What saies our Generall?What says our general?Tit V.i.162
And ours with thine befall, what Fortune will.And ours with thine, befall what fortune will.Tit V.iii.3

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