Original textModern textKey line
Worthy Andronicus, ill art thou repaid,Worthy Andronicus, ill art thou repaidTit III.i.233
For that good hand thou sentst the Emperour:For that good hand thou sent'st the Emperor.Tit III.i.234
Heere are the heads of thy two noble sonnes.Here are the heads of thy two noble sons,Tit III.i.235
And heeres thy hand in scorne to thee sent backe:And here's thy hand in scorn to thee sent back.Tit III.i.236
Thy griefes, their sports: Thy resolution mockt,Thy grief their sports, thy resolution mocked,Tit III.i.237
That woe is me to thinke vpon thy woes,That woe is me to think upon thy woesTit III.i.238
More then remembrance of my fathers death.More than remembrance of my father's death.Tit III.i.239

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