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Good morrow Lords:Good morrow, lords.Tit IV.ii.51.2
O tell me, did you see Aaron the Moore?O, tell me, did you see Aaron the Moor?Tit IV.ii.52
Oh gentle Aaron, we are all vndone,O, gentle Aaron, we are all undone.Tit IV.ii.55
Now helpe, or woe betide thee euermore.Now help, or woe betide thee evermore!Tit IV.ii.56
O that which I would hide from heauens eye,O, that which I would hide from heaven's eye,Tit IV.ii.59
Our Empresse shame, and stately Romes disgrace,Our Empress' shame, and stately Rome's disgrace:Tit IV.ii.60
She is deliuered Lords, she is deliuered.She is delivered, lords, she is delivered.Tit IV.ii.61
I meane she is brought abed?I mean she is brought abed.Tit IV.ii.62.2
A deuill.A devil.Tit IV.ii.64.1
A ioylesse, dismall, blacke &, sorrowfull issue,A joyless, dismal, black, and sorrowful issue.Tit IV.ii.66
Heere is the babe as loathsome as a toad,Here is the babe, as loathsome as a toadTit IV.ii.67
Among'st the fairest breeders of our clime,Amongst the fair-faced breeders of our clime.Tit IV.ii.68
The Empresse sends it thee, thy stampe, thy seale,The Empress sends it thee, thy stamp, thy seal,Tit IV.ii.69
And bids thee christen it with thy daggers point.And bids thee christen it with thy dagger's point.Tit IV.ii.70
Aaron it must, the mother wils it so.Aaron, it must, the mother wills it so.Tit IV.ii.81
The Emperour in his rage will doome her death.The Emperor in his rage will doom her death.Tit IV.ii.113
Aaron what shall I say vnto the Empresse?Aaron, what shall I say unto the Empress?Tit IV.ii.127
Cornelia, the midwife, and myselfe,Cornelia the midwife, and myself,Tit IV.ii.140
And none else but the deliuered Empresse.And no one else but the delivered Empress.Tit IV.ii.141

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