Original textModern textKey line
Therefore my Lords it highly vs concernes,Therefore, my lords, it highly us concernsTit IV.iii.27
By day and night t'attend him carefully:By day and night t' attend him carefullyTit IV.iii.28
And feede his humour kindely as we may,And feed his humour kindly as we may,Tit IV.iii.29
Till time beget some carefull remedie.Till time beget some careful remedy.Tit IV.iii.30
No my good Lord, but Pluto sends you word,No, my good lord, but Pluto sends you wordTit IV.iii.38
If you will haue reuenge from hell you shall,If you will have Revenge from hell, you shall.Tit IV.iii.39
Marrie for iustice she is so imploy'd,Marry, for Justice, she is so employed,Tit IV.iii.40
He thinkes with Ioue in heauen, or somewhere else:He thinks with Jove in heaven, or somewhere else,Tit IV.iii.41
So that perforce you must needs stay a time.So that perforce you must needs stay a time.Tit IV.iii.42
What is your will?What is your will?Tit V.ii.152.1
The Empresse Sonnes / I take them, Chiron, Demetrius.The Empress' sons, I take them: Chiron, Demetrius.Tit V.ii.153
And therefore do we, what we are commanded.And therefore do we what we are commanded.Tit V.ii.162
Stop close their mouthes, let them not speake a word,Stop close their mouths, let them not speak a word.Tit V.ii.163
Is he sure bound, looke that you binde them fast. Is he sure bound? Look that you bind them fast.Tit V.ii.164

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