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And as he saith, so say we all with him.And as he saith, so say we all with him.Tit V.i.17
Renowned Lucius, from our troups I straid,Renowned Lucius, from our troops I strayedTit V.i.20
To gaze vpon a ruinous Monasterie,To gaze upon a ruinous monastery,Tit V.i.21
And as I earnestly did fixe mine eyeAnd as I earnestly did fix mine eyeTit V.i.22
Vpon the wasted building, suddainelyUpon the wasted building, suddenlyTit V.i.23
I heard a childe cry vnderneath a wall:I heard a child cry underneath a wall.Tit V.i.24
I made vnto the noyse, when soone I heard,I made unto the noise, when soon I heardTit V.i.25
The crying babe control'd with this discourse:The crying babe controlled with this discourse:Tit V.i.26
Peace Tawny slaue, halfe me, and halfe thy Dam,‘ Peace, tawny slave, half me and half thy dam!Tit V.i.27
Did not thy Hue bewray whose brat thou art?Did not thy hue bewray whose brat thou art,Tit V.i.28
Had nature lent thee, but thy Mothers looke,Had nature lent thee but thy mother's look,Tit V.i.29
Villaine thou might'st haue bene an Emperour.Villain, thou mightst have been an emperor.Tit V.i.30
But where the Bull and Cow are both milk-white,But where the bull and cow are both milk-white,Tit V.i.31
They neuer do beget a cole-blacke-Calfe:They never do beget a coal-black calf.Tit V.i.32
Peace, villaine peace, euen thus he rates the babe,Peace, villain, peace!’ – even thus he rates the babe – Tit V.i.33
For I must beare thee to a trusty Goth,‘ For I must bear thee to a trusty Goth,Tit V.i.34
Who when he knowes thou art the Empresse babe,Who, when he knows thou art the Empress' babe,Tit V.i.35
Will hold thee dearely for thy Mothers sake.Will hold thee dearly for thy mother's sake.’Tit V.i.36
With this, my weapon drawne I rusht vpon him,With this my weapon drawn, I rushed upon him,Tit V.i.37
Surpriz'd him suddainely, and brought him hitherSurprised him suddenly, and brought him hitherTit V.i.38
To vse, as you thinke neeedefull of the man.To use as you think needful of the man.Tit V.i.39

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