Original textModern textKey line
Amen!R2 I.iv.65
And that's the wauering Commons, for their loueAnd that is the wavering commons; for their loveR2 II.ii.128
Lies in their purses, and who so empties them,Lies in their purses, and whoso empties themR2 II.ii.129
By so much fils their hearts with deadly hate.By so much fills their hearts with deadly hate.R2 II.ii.130
If iudgement lye in them, then so do we,If judgement lie in them, then so do we,R2 II.ii.132
Because we haue beene euer neere the King.Because we ever have been near the King.R2 II.ii.133
No, I will to Ireland to his Maiestie:No, I will to Ireland to his majesty.R2 II.ii.140
Farewell, if hearts presages be not vaine,Farewell. If heart's presages be not vain,R2 II.ii.141
We three here part, that neu'r shall meete againe.We three here part that ne'er shall meet again.R2 II.ii.142
Farewell at once, for once, for all, and euer.Farewell at once, for once, for all, and ever.R2 II.ii.147
I feare me neuer. I fear me, never.R2 II.ii.148.2
Then set before my face, the Lord Aumerle.Then set before my face the Lord Aumerle.R2 IV.i.6
My Lord Aumerle, I know your daring tongueMy Lord Aumerle, I know your daring tongueR2 IV.i.8
Scornes to vnsay, what it hath once deliuer'd.Scorns to unsay what once it hath delivered.R2 IV.i.9
In that dead time, when Glousters death was plotted,In that dead time when Gloucester's death was plottedR2 IV.i.10
I heard you say, Is not my arme of length,I heard you say ‘ Is not my arm of length,R2 IV.i.11
That reacheth from the restfull English CourtThat reacheth from the restful English courtR2 IV.i.12
As farre as Callis, to my Vnkles head.As far as Calais to mine uncle's head?’R2 IV.i.13
Amongst much other talke, that very time,Amongst much other talk that very timeR2 IV.i.14
I heard you say, that you had rather refuseI heard you say that you had rather refuseR2 IV.i.15
The offer of an hundred thousand Crownes,The offer of an hundred thousand crownsR2 IV.i.16
Then Bullingbrookes returne to England; Than Bolingbroke's return to England,R2 IV.i.17
adding withall, / How blest this Land would be,Adding withal how blest this land would beR2 IV.i.18
in this your Cosins death.In this your cousin's death.R2 IV.i.19.1