Original textModern textKey line
If that thy valour stand on sympathize:If that thy valour stand on sympathyR2 IV.i.33
There is my Gage, Aumerle, in Gage to thine:There is my gage, Aumerle, in gage to thine.R2 IV.i.34
By that faire Sunne, that shewes me where thou stand'st,By that fair sun which shows me where thou standestR2 IV.i.35
I heard thee say (and vauntingly thou spak'st it)I heard thee say, and vauntingly thou spakest it,R2 IV.i.36
That thou wer't cause of Noble Glousters death.That thou wert cause of noble Gloucester's death.R2 IV.i.37
If thou deniest it, twenty times thou lyest,If thou deniest it twenty times, thou liest,R2 IV.i.38
And I will turne thy falshood to thy hart,And I will turn thy falsehood to thy heart,R2 IV.i.39
Where it was forged with my Rapiers point.Where it was forged, with my rapier's point.R2 IV.i.40
Now by my Soule, I would it were this houre.Now by my soul, I would it were this hour.R2 IV.i.42
My Lord, / 'Tis very true: You were in presence then,'Tis very true. You were in presence then,R2 IV.i.62
And you can witnesse with me, this is true.And you can witness with me this is true.R2 IV.i.63
Surrey, thou Lyest.Surrey, thou liest.R2 IV.i.65.1
How fondly do'st thou spurre a forward Horse?How fondly dost thou spur a forward horse!R2 IV.i.72
If I dare eate, or drinke, or breathe, or liue,If I dare eat, or drink, or breathe, or live,R2 IV.i.73
I dare meete Surrey in a Wildernesse,I dare meet Surrey in a wildernessR2 IV.i.74
And spit vpon him, whilest I say he Lyes,And spit upon him whilst I say he lies,R2 IV.i.75
And Lyes, and Lyes: there is my Bond of Faith,And lies, and lies. There is my bond of faithR2 IV.i.76
To tye thee to my strong Correction.To tie thee to my strong correction.R2 IV.i.77
As I intend to thriue in this new World,As I intend to thrive in this new worldR2 IV.i.78
Aumerle is guiltie of my true Appeale.Aumerle is guilty of my true appeal.R2 IV.i.79
Besides, I heard the banish'd Norfolke say,Besides, I heard the banished Norfolk sayR2 IV.i.80
That thou Aumerle didst send two of thy men,That thou, Aumerle, didst send two of thy menR2 IV.i.81
To execute the Noble Duke at Callis.To execute the noble Duke at Calais.R2 IV.i.82
My Lord, I haue from Oxford sent to London,My lord, I have from Oxford sent to LondonR2
The heads of Broccas, and Sir Bennet Seely,The heads of Brocas and Sir Bennet Seely,R2
Two of the dangerous consorted Traitors,Two of the dangerous consorted traitorsR2
That sought at Oxford, thy dire ouerthrow.That sought at Oxford thy dire overthrow.R2