Original textModern textKey line
Haile Royall Prince.Hail, royal prince!R2 V.v.67.1
I was a poore Groome of thy Stable (King)I was a poor groom of thy stable, King,R2 V.v.72
When thou wer't King: who trauelling towards Yorke,When thou wert king; who travelling towards YorkR2 V.v.73
With much adoo, at length haue gotten leaueWith much ado at length have gotten leaveR2 V.v.74
To looke vpon my (sometimes Royall) masters face.To look upon my sometimes royal master's face.R2 V.v.75
O how it yern'd my heart, when I beheldO, how it earned my heart when I beheldR2 V.v.76
In London streets, that Coronation day,In London streets, that coronation day,R2 V.v.77
When Bullingbrooke rode on Roane Barbary,When Bolingbroke rode on roan Barbary,R2 V.v.78
That horse, that thou so often hast bestrid,That horse that thou so often hast bestrid,R2 V.v.79
That horse, that I so carefully haue drest.That horse that I so carefully have dressed!R2 V.v.80
So proudly, as if he had disdain'd the ground.So proudly as if he disdained the ground.R2 V.v.83
What my tongue dares not, that my heart shall say. What my tongue dares not, that my heart shall say.R2 V.v.97