Original textModern textKey line
And liuing too, for now his sonne is Duke.And living too; for now his son is duke.R2 II.i.225
My heart is great: but it must break with silence,My heart is great, but it must break with silenceR2 II.i.228
Er't be disburthen'd with a liberall tongue.Ere't be disburdened with a liberal tongue.R2 II.i.229
No good at all that I can do for him,No good at all that I can do for him,R2 II.i.235
Vnlesse you call it good to pitie him,Unless you call it good to pity him,R2 II.i.236
Bereft and gelded of his patrimonie.Bereft and gelded of his patrimony.R2 II.i.237
The Commons hath he pil'd with greeuous taxesThe commons hath he pilled with grievous taxes,R2 II.i.246
And quite lost their hearts: the Nobles hath he findeAnd quite lost their hearts. The nobles hath he finedR2 II.i.247
For ancient quarrels, and quite lost their hearts.For ancient quarrels, and quite lost their hearts.R2 II.i.248
The Earle of Wiltshire hath the realme in Farme.The Earl of Wiltshire hath the realm in farm.R2 II.i.256
He hath not monie for these Irish warres:He hath not money for these Irish wars – R2 II.i.259
(His burthenous taxations notwithstanding)His burdenous taxations notwithstanding – R2 II.i.260
But by the robbing of the banish'd Duke.But by the robbing of the banished Duke.R2 II.i.261
We see the very wracke that we must suffer,We see the very wrack that we must suffer,R2 II.i.267
And vnauoyded is the danger nowAnd unavoided is the danger nowR2 II.i.268
For suffering so the causes of our wracke.For suffering so the causes of our wrack.R2 II.i.269
Be confident to speake Northumberland,Be confident to speak, Northumberland.R2 II.i.274
We three, are but thy selfe, and speaking so,We three are but thyself; and speaking soR2 II.i.275
Thy words are but as thoughts, therefore be bold.Thy words are but as thoughts. Therefore be bold.R2 II.i.276
To horse, to horse, vrge doubts to them yt feare.To horse, to horse. Urge doubts to them that fear.R2 II.i.299
Your presence makes vs rich, most Noble Lord.Your presence makes us rich, most noble lord.R2 II.iii.63
It stands your Grace vpon, to doe him right.It stands your grace upon to do him right.R2 II.iii.137