Original textModern textKey line
Hugh Ote-cake sir, or George Sea-coale, Hugh Oatcake, sir, or George Seacoal,MA III.iii.11
for they can write and reade.for they can write and read.MA III.iii.12
We will rather sleepe than talke, wee We will rather sleep than talk; weMA III.iii.37
know what belongs to a Watch.know what belongs to a watch.MA III.iii.38
Well masters, we heare our charge, Well, masters, we hear our charge.MA III.iii.86
let vs go sit here vpon the Church bench till two, and Let us go sit here upon the church-bench till two, andMA III.iii.87
then all to bed.then all to bed.MA III.iii.88
I know that deformed, a has I know that Deformed; 'a hasMA III.iii.122
bin a vile theefe, this vii. yeares, a goes vp and downe been a vile thief this seven year; 'a goes up and downMA III.iii.123
like a gentle man: I remember his a gentleman. I remember his name.MA III.iii.124
We charge you in the Princes name We charge you, in the Prince's name,MA III.iii.158
stand.stand!MA III.iii.159
And one Deformed is one of them, And one Deformed is one of them; IMA III.iii.163
I know him, a weares a locke.know him; 'a wears a lock.MA III.iii.164
Masters, neuer speake, we charge you, let vs Never speak, we charge you; let usMA III.iii.169
obey you to goe with vs.obey you to go with us.MA III.iii.170
This man said sir, that Don Iohn This man said, sir, that Don John,MA IV.ii.37
the Princes brother was a villaine.the Prince's brother, was a villain.MA IV.ii.38
And that Count Claudio did meane And that Count Claudio did mean,MA IV.ii.51
vpon his words, to disgrace Hero before the whole upon his words, to disgrace Hero before the wholeMA IV.ii.52
assembly, and not marry her.assembly, and not marry her.MA IV.ii.53