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You come hither, my Lord, to marry this Lady.You come hither, my lord, to marry this lady?MA IV.i.4
Lady, you come hither to be married to this Count.Lady, you come hither to be married to this Count.MA IV.i.8
If either of you know any inward impediment why If either of you know any inward impediment whyMA IV.i.10
you should not be conioyned, I charge you on your soules you should not be conjoined, I charge you, on your souls,MA IV.i.11
to vtter utter it.MA IV.i.12
Know you anie, Count?Know you any, Count?MA IV.i.15
Haue comfort Ladie.Have comfort, lady.MA IV.i.116
Yea, wherefore should she not?Yea, wherefore should she not?MA IV.i.117.2
Heare me a little,Hear me a little;MA IV.i.153
for I haue onely bene silent so long, For I have only silent been so long,MA IV.i.154
and giuen way vnto this course of fortune, And given way unto this course of fortuneMA IV.i.155
by noting of the Ladie, I haue markt.By noting of the lady. I have markedMA IV.i.156
A thousand blushing apparitions,A thousand blushing apparitionsMA IV.i.157
To start into her face, a thousand innocent shames,To start into her face, a thousand innocent shamesMA IV.i.158
In Angel whitenesse beare away those blushes,In angel whiteness beat away those blushes;MA IV.i.159
And in her eie there hath appear'd a fireAnd in her eye there hath appeared a fire,MA IV.i.160
To burne the errors that these Princes holdTo burn the errors that these Princes holdMA IV.i.161
Against her maiden truth. Call me a foole,Against her maiden truth. Call me a fool;MA IV.i.162
Trust not my reading, nor my obseruations,Trust not my reading nor my observations,MA IV.i.163
Which with experimental seale doth warrantWhich with experimental seal doth warrantMA IV.i.164
The tenure of my booke: trust not my age,The tenor of my book; trust not my age,MA IV.i.165
My reuerence, calling, nor diuinitie,My reverence, calling, nor divinity,MA IV.i.166
If this sweet Ladie lye not guiltlesse heere,If this sweet lady lie not guiltless hereMA IV.i.167
Vnder some biting error.Under some biting error.MA IV.i.168.1
Ladie, what man is he you are accus'd of?Lady, what man is he you are accused of?MA IV.i.174
There is some strange misprision in the Princes.There is some strange misprision in the Princes.MA IV.i.183
Pause awhile:Pause awhile,MA IV.i.198.2
And let my counsell sway you in this case,And let my counsel sway you in this case.MA IV.i.199
Your daughter heere the Princesse (left for dead)Your daughter here the Princes left for dead;MA IV.i.200
Let her awhile be secretly kept in,Let her awhile be secretly kept in,MA IV.i.201
And publish it, that she is dead indeed:And publish it that she is dead indeed.MA IV.i.202
Maintaine a mourning ostentation,Maintain a mourning ostentation,MA IV.i.203
And on your Families old monument,And on your family's old monumentMA IV.i.204
Hang mournfull Epitaphes, and do all rites,Hang mournful epitaphs and do all ritesMA IV.i.205
That appertaine vnto a buriall.That appertain unto a burial.MA IV.i.206
Marry this wel carried, shall on her behalfe,Marry, this, well carried, shall on her behalfMA IV.i.208
Change slander to remorse, that is some good,Change slander to remorse; that is some good.MA IV.i.209
But not for that dreame I on this strange course,But not for that dream I on this strange course,MA IV.i.210
But on this trauaile looke for greater birth:But on this travail look for greater birth.MA IV.i.211
She dying, as it must be so maintain'd,She dying, as it must be so maintained,MA IV.i.212
Vpon the instant that she was accus'd,Upon the instant that she was accused,MA IV.i.213
Shal be lamented, pittied, and excus'dShall be lamented, pitied, and excusedMA IV.i.214
Of euery hearer: for it so fals out,Of every hearer; for it so falls outMA IV.i.215
That what we haue, we prize not to the worth,That what we have we prize not to the worthMA IV.i.216
Whiles we enioy it; but being lack'd and lost,Whiles we enjoy it, but being lacked and lost,MA IV.i.217
Why then we racke the value, then we findeWhy, then we rack the value, then we findMA IV.i.218
The vertue that possession would not shew vsThe virtue that possession would not show usMA IV.i.219
Whiles it was ours, so will it fare with Claudio:Whiles it was ours. So will it fare with Claudio.MA IV.i.220
When he shal heare she dyed vpon his words,When he shall hear she died upon his words,MA IV.i.221
Th'Idea of her life shal sweetly creepeTh' idea of her life shall sweetly creepMA IV.i.222
Into his study of imagination.Into his study of imagination,MA IV.i.223
And euery louely Organ of her life,And every lovely organ of her lifeMA IV.i.224
Shall come apparel'd in more precious habite:Shall come apparelled in more precious habit,MA IV.i.225
More mouing delicate, and ful of life,More moving, delicate, and full of life,MA IV.i.226
Into the eye and prospect of his souleInto the eye and prospect of his soul,MA IV.i.227
Then when she liu'd indeed: then shal he mourne,Than when she lived indeed. Then shall he mourn,MA IV.i.228
If euer Loue had interest in his Liuer,If ever love had interest in his liver,MA IV.i.229
And wish he had not so accused her:And wish he had not so accused her –MA IV.i.230
No, though he thought his accusation true:No, though he thought his accusation true.MA IV.i.231
Let this be so, and doubt not but successeLet this be so, and doubt not but successMA IV.i.232
Wil fashion the euent in better shape,Will fashion the event in better shapeMA IV.i.233
Then I can lay it downe in likelihood.Than I can lay it down in likelihood.MA IV.i.234
But if all ayme but this be leuelld false,But if all aim but this be levelled false,MA IV.i.235
The supposition of the Ladies death,The supposition of the lady's deathMA IV.i.236
Will quench the wonder of her infamie.Will quench the wonder of her infamy;MA IV.i.237
And if it sort not well, you may conceale her,And if it sort not well, you may conceal her,MA IV.i.238
As best befits her wounded reputation,As best befits her wounded reputation,MA IV.i.239
In some reclusiue and religious life,In some reclusive and religious life,MA IV.i.240
Out of all eyes, tongnes, mindes and iniuries.Out of all eyes, tongues, minds, and injuries.MA IV.i.241
'Tis well consented, presently away,'Tis well consented. Presently away;MA IV.i.249
For to strange sores, strangely they straine the cure,For to strange sores strangely they strain the cure.MA IV.i.250
Come Lady, die to liue, this wedding dayCome, lady, die to live; this wedding-dayMA IV.i.251
Perhaps is but prolong'd, haue patience & endure. Perhaps is but prolonged; have patience and endure.MA IV.i.252
Did I not tell you she was innocent?Did I not tell you she was innocent?MA V.iv.1
To doe what Signior?To do what, signor?MA V.iv.19
And my helpe.And my help.MA V.iv.32.2
Here comes the Prince and Claudio.MA V.iv.33
All this amazement can I qualifie,All this amazement can I qualify,MA V.iv.67
When after that the holy rites are ended,When, after that the holy rites are ended,MA V.iv.68
Ile tell you largely of faire Heroes death:I'll tell you largely of fair Hero's death.MA V.iv.69
Meane time let wonder seeme familiar,Meantime let wonder seem familiar,MA V.iv.70
And to the chappell let vs presently.And to the chapel let us presently.MA V.iv.71