Original textModern textKey line
Both which Master ConstableBoth which, Master Constable –MA III.iii.17
How if a will not stand?How if 'a will not stand?MA III.iii.27
How if they will not?How if they will not?MA III.iii.44
Well sir.Well, sir.MA III.iii.48
If wee know him to be a thiefe, shall If we know him to be a thief, shallMA III.iii.53
wee not lay hands on him.we not lay hands on him?MA III.iii.54
How if the nurse be asleepe and will How if the nurse be asleep and willMA III.iii.65
not heare vs?not hear us?MA III.iii.66
Peace, stir not.Peace! stir not.MA III.iii.94
Some treason masters, yet Some treason, masters; yetMA III.iii.104
stand close.stand close.MA III.iii.105
Call vp the right master Constable, Call up the right Master Constable.MA III.iii.160
we haue here recouered the most dangerous peece of We have here recovered the most dangerous piece ofMA III.iii.161
lechery, that euer was knowne in the Common-wealth.lechery that ever was known in the commonwealth.MA III.iii.162
Youle be made bring deformed You'll be made bring DeformedMA III.iii.166
forth I warrant you,forth, I warrant you.MA III.iii.167
Mary that he had receiued a Marry, that he had received aMA IV.ii.45
thousand Dukates of Don Iohn, for accusing the Lady thousand ducats of Don John for accusing the LadyMA IV.ii.46
Hero wrongfully.Hero wrongfully.MA IV.ii.47
This is all.This is all.MA IV.ii.57