Original textModern textKey line
Yea, or else it were pitty but they should sufferYea, or else it were pity but they should sufferMA III.iii.2
saluation body and soule.salvation, body and soul.MA III.iii.3
Well, giue them their charge, neighbourWell, give them their charge, neighbourMA III.iii.7
Dogbery.Dogberry.MA III.iii.8
If he will not stand when he is bidden, hee is none If he will not stand when he is bidden, he is noneMA III.iii.31
of the Princes subiects.of the Prince's subjects.MA III.iii.32
You haue bin alwaies cal'd a merciful mã You have been always called a merciful man,MA III.iii.59
partner.partner.MA III.iii.60
If you heare a child crie in the night you must call If you hear a child cry in the night, you must callMA III.iii.63
to the nurse, and bid her still the nurse and bid her still it.MA III.iii.64
'Tis verie true.'Tis very true.MA III.iii.71
Nay birladie that I thinke a cannot.Nay, by'r Lady, that I think 'a cannot.MA III.iii.75
Birladie I thinke it be so.By'r Lady, I think it be so.MA III.iii.81
Yes in truth it is sir.Yes, in truth it is, sir.MA III.v.7
Yes I thank God, I am as honest as any man liuing, Yes, I thank God I am as honest as any man livingMA III.v.13
that is an old man, and no honester then I.that is an old man and no honester than I.MA III.v.14
And so am I.And so am I.MA III.v.27
Marry sir our watch to night, excepting yourMarry, sir, our watch tonight, excepting yourMA III.v.29
worships presence, haue tane a couple of as arrant knaues worship's presence, ha' ta'en a couple of as arrant knavesMA III.v.30
as any in any in Messina.MA III.v.31
And we must doe it wisely.And we must do it wisely.MA III.v.55
O a stoole and a cushion for the Sexton.O, a stool and a cushion for the Sexton.MA IV.ii.2
Nay that's certaine, wee haue the exhibition to Nay, that's certain; we have the exhibition toMA IV.ii.5
examine.examine.MA IV.ii.6
Yea by th'masse that it is.Yea, by mass, that it is.MA IV.ii.49
Let them be in the hands Let them be – in the hands.MA IV.ii.66
Here, here comes master Signior Leonato, andHere, here comes master Signor Leonato, andMA V.i.244
the Sexton too.the Sexton too.MA V.i.245