Original textModern textKey line
Where's the Prince Dolphin? I haue newes for him.Where's the Prince Dauphin? I have news for him.1H6 I.ii.46
Me thinks your looks are sad, your chear appal'd.Methinks your looks are sad, your cheer appalled.1H6 I.ii.48
Hath the late ouerthrow wrought this offence?Hath the late overthrow wrought this offence?1H6 I.ii.49
Be not dismay'd, for succour is at hand:Be not dismayed, for succour is at hand.1H6 I.ii.50
A holy Maid hither with me I bring,A holy maid hither with me I bring,1H6 I.ii.51
Which by a Vision sent to her from Heauen,Which, by a vision sent to her from heaven,1H6 I.ii.52
Ordayned is to rayse this tedious Siege,Ordained is to raise this tedious siege1H6 I.ii.53
And driue the English forth the bounds of France:And drive the English forth the bounds of France.1H6 I.ii.54
The spirit of deepe Prophecie she hath,The spirit of deep prophecy she hath,1H6 I.ii.55
Exceeding the nine Sibyls of old Rome:Exceeding the nine sibyls of old Rome:1H6 I.ii.56
What's past, and what's to come, she can descry.What's past and what's to come she can descry.1H6 I.ii.57
Speake, shall I call her in? beleeue my words,Speak, shall I call her in? Believe my words,1H6 I.ii.58
For they are certaine, and vnfallible.For they are certain and unfallible.1H6 I.ii.59
Vnready? I and glad we scap'd so well.Unready? Ay, and glad we 'scaped so well.1H6 II.i.40
I thinke this Talbot be a Fiend of Hell.I think this Talbot be a fiend of hell.1H6 II.i.46
Tut, holy Ioane was his defensiue Guard.Tut, holy Joan was his defensive guard.1H6 II.i.49
Mine was secure.Mine was secure.1H6 II.i.66.1
Here entred Pucell, and her Practisants:Here entered Pucelle and her practisants.1H6 III.ii.20
Now she is there, how will she specifie?Now she is there, how will she specify1H6 III.ii.21
Here is the best and safest passage in.Here is the best and safest passage in?1H6 III.ii.22
See Noble Charles the Beacon of our friend,See, noble Charles, the beacon of our friend;1H6 III.ii.29
The burning Torch in yonder Turret stands.The burning torch in yonder turret stands.1H6 III.ii.30
Search out thy wit for secret pollicies,Search out thy wit for secret policies,1H6 III.iii.12
And we will make thee famous through the World.And we will make thee famous through the world.1H6 III.iii.13
And doth beget new Courage in our Breasts.And doth beget new courage in our breasts.1H6 III.iii.87
How the yong whelpe of Talbots raging wood,How the young whelp of Talbot's, raging wood,1H6 IV.vii.35
Did flesh his punie-sword in Frenchmens blood.Did flesh his puny sword in Frenchmen's blood!1H6 IV.vii.36
Hew them to peeces, hack their bones assunder,Hew them to pieces, hack their bones asunder,1H6 IV.vii.47
Whose life was Englands glory, Gallia's wonder.Whose life was England's glory, Gallia's wonder.1H6 IV.vii.48