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My honourable Lords, health to you all:My honourable lords, health to you all!1H6 I.i.57
Sad tidings bring I to you out of France,Sad tidings bring I to you out of France,1H6 I.i.58
Of losse, of slaughter, and discomfiture:Of loss, of slaughter, and discomfiture:1H6 I.i.59
Guyen, Champaigne, Rheimes, Orleance,Guienne, Champaigne, Rheims, Rouen, Orleans,1H6 I.i.60
Paris, Guysors, Poictiers, are all quite lost.Paris, Gisors, Poitiers, are all quite lost.1H6 I.i.61
No trecherie, but want of Men and Money.No treachery, but want of men and money.1H6 I.i.69
Amongst the Souldiers this is muttered,Amongst the soldiers this is muttered,1H6 I.i.70
That here you maintaine seuerall Factions:That here you maintain several factions;1H6 I.i.71
And whil'st a Field should be dispatcht and fought,And whilst a field should be dispatched and fought,1H6 I.i.72
You are disputing of your Generals.You are disputing of your generals.1H6 I.i.73
One would haue lingring Warres, with little cost;One would have lingering wars with little cost;1H6 I.i.74
Another would flye swift, but wanteth Wings:Another would fly swift, but wanteth wings;1H6 I.i.75
A third thinkes, without expence at all,A third thinks, without expense at all,1H6 I.i.76
By guilefull faire words, Peace may be obtayn'd.By guileful fair words peace may be obtained.1H6 I.i.77
Awake, awake, English Nobilitie,Awake, awake, English nobility!1H6 I.i.78
Let not slouth dimme your Honors, new begot;Let not sloth dim your honours new-begot.1H6 I.i.79
Cropt are the Flower-de-Luces in your ArmesCropped are the flower-de-luces in your arms;1H6 I.i.80
Of Englands Coat, one halfe is cut away.Of England's coat one half is cut away.1H6 I.i.81