Original textModern textKey line
Margaret my name, and daughter to a King,Margaret my name, and daughter to a king,1H6 V.iii.51
The King of Naples, who so ere thou art.The King of Naples, whosoe'er thou art.1H6 V.iii.52
Say Earle of Suffolke, if thy name be so,Say, Earl of Suffolk, if thy name be so,1H6 V.iii.72
What ransome must I pay before I passe?What ransom must I pay before I pass?1H6 V.iii.73
For I perceiue I am thy prisoner.For I perceive I am thy prisoner.1H6 V.iii.74
Why speak'st thou not? What ransom must I pay?Why speakest thou not? What ransom must I pay?1H6 V.iii.77
Wilt thou accept of ransome,yea or no?Wilt thou accept of ransom, yea or no?1H6 V.iii.80
I were best to leaue him, for he will not heare.I were best to leave him, for he will not hear.1H6 V.iii.83
He talkes at randon: sure the man is mad.He talks at random. Sure the man is mad.1H6 V.iii.85
And yet I would that you would answer me.And yet I would that you would answer me.1H6 V.iii.87
He talkes of wood: It is some Carpenter.He talks of wood. It is some carpenter.1H6 V.iii.90
Heare ye Captaine? Are you not at leysure?Hear ye, captain? Are you not at leisure?1H6 V.iii.97
What though I be inthral'd, he seems a knightWhat though I be enthralled? He seems a knight1H6 V.iii.101
And will not any way dishonor me.And will not any way dishonour me.1H6 V.iii.102
Perhaps I shall be rescu'd by the French,Perhaps I shall be rescued by the French,1H6 V.iii.104
And then I need not craue his curtesie.And then I need not crave his courtesy.1H6 V.iii.105
Tush, women haue bene captiuate ere now.Tush, women have been captivate ere now.1H6 V.iii.107
I cry you mercy, 'tis but Quid for Quo.I cry you mercy, 'tis but quid for quo.1H6 V.iii.109
To be a Queene in bondage, is more vile,To be a queen in bondage is more vile1H6 V.iii.112
Than is a slaue, in base seruility:Than is a slave in base servility;1H6 V.iii.113
For Princes should be free.For princes should be free.1H6 V.iii.114.1
Why what concernes his freedome vnto mee?Why, what concerns his freedom unto me?1H6 V.iii.116
What?What?1H6 V.iii.120.2
I am vnworthy to be Henries wife.I am unworthy to be Henry's wife.1H6 V.iii.122
And if my Father please, I am content.An if my father please, I am content.1H6 V.iii.127
Farewell my Lord, good wishes, praise, & praiers,Farewell, my lord. Good wishes, praise, and prayers1H6 V.iii.173
Shall Suffolke euer haue of Margaret. Shall Suffolk ever have of Margaret.1H6 V.iii.174
Such commendations as becomes a Maide,Such commendations as becomes a maid,1H6 V.iii.177
A Virgin, and his Seruant, say to him.A virgin, and his servant, say to him.1H6 V.iii.178
Yes, my good Lord, a pure vnspotted heart,Yes, my good lord: a pure unspotted heart,1H6 V.iii.182
Neuer yet taint with loue, I send the King.Never yet taint with love, I send the King.1H6 V.iii.183
That for thy selfe, I will not so presume,That for thyself. I will not so presume1H6 V.iii.185
To send such peeuish tokens to a King.To send such peevish tokens to a king.1H6 V.iii.186