Original textModern textKey line
Sirrha, thou know'st how Orleance is besieg'd,Sirrah, thou knowest how Orleans is besieged1H6 I.iv.1
And how the English haue the Suburbs wonne.And how the English have the suburbs won.1H6 I.iv.2
But now thou shalt not. Be thou rul'd by me:But now thou shalt not. Be thou ruled by me.1H6 I.iv.5
Chiefe Master Gunner am I of this Towne,Chief master gunner am I of this town;1H6 I.iv.6
Something I must doe to procure me grace:Something I must do to procure me grace.1H6 I.iv.7
The Princes espyals haue informed me,The Prince's espials have informed me1H6 I.iv.8
How the English, in the Suburbs close entrencht,How the English, in the suburbs close intrenched,1H6 I.iv.9
Went through a secret Grate of Iron Barres,Wont through a secret grate of iron bars1H6 I.iv.10
In yonder Tower, to ouer-peere the Citie,In yonder tower to overpeer the city,1H6 I.iv.11
And thence discouer, how with most aduantageAnd thence discover how with most advantage1H6 I.iv.12
They may vex vs with Shot or with Assault.They may vex us with shot or with assault.1H6 I.iv.13
To intercept this inconuenience,To intercept this inconvenience,1H6 I.iv.14
A Peece of Ordnance 'gainst it I haue plac'd,A piece of ordnance 'gainst it I have placed;1H6 I.iv.15
And euen these three dayes haue I watcht,And even these three days have I watched1H6 I.iv.16
If I could see them. Now doe thou watch,If I could see them. Now do thou watch,1H6 I.iv.17
For I can stay no longer.For I can stay no longer.1H6 I.iv.18
If thou spy'st any, runne and bring me word,If thou spyest any, run and bring me word,1H6 I.iv.19
And thou shalt finde me at the Gouernors. And thou shalt find me at the Governor's.1H6 I.iv.20