Original textModern textKey line
Fye Lords, that you being supreme Magistrates,Fie, lords, that you, being supreme magistrates,1H6 I.iii.57
Thus contumeliously should breake the Peace.Thus contumeliously should break the peace!1H6 I.iii.58
Naught rests for me, in this tumultuous strife,Naught rests for me in this tumultuous strife1H6 I.iii.70
But to make open Proclamation.But to make open proclamation.1H6 I.iii.71
Come Officer, as lowd as e're thou canst, Come, officer, as loud as e'er thou canst,1H6 I.iii.72
cry:Cry.1H6 I.iii.73
Ile call for Clubs, if you will not away:I'll call for clubs if you will not away.1H6 I.iii.84
This Cardinall's more haughtie then the Deuill.This cardinal's more haughty than the devil.1H6 I.iii.85
See the Coast clear'd, and then we will depart.See the coast cleared, and then we will depart.1H6 I.iii.89
Good God, these Nobles should such stomacks beare,Good God, these nobles should such stomachs bear!1H6 I.iii.90
I my selfe fight not once in fortie yeere. I myself fight not once in forty year.1H6 I.iii.91
Oh my good Lords, and vertuous Henry,O my good lords, and virtuous Henry,1H6 III.i.76
Pitty the Citie of London, pitty vs:Pity the city of London, pity us!1H6 III.i.77
The Bishop,and the Duke of Glosters men,The Bishop and the Duke of Gloucester's men,1H6 III.i.78
Forbidden late to carry any Weapon,Forbidden late to carry any weapon,1H6 III.i.79
Haue fill'd their Pockets full of peeble stones;Have filled their pockets full of pebble stones1H6 III.i.80
And banding themselues in contrary parts,And, banding themselves in contrary parts,1H6 III.i.81
Doe pelt so fast at one anothers Pate,Do pelt so fast at one another's pate1H6 III.i.82
That many haue their giddy braynes knockt out:That many have their giddy brains knocked out.1H6 III.i.83
Our Windowes are broke downe in euery Street,Our windows are broke down in every street1H6 III.i.84
And we, for feare, compell'd to shut our Shops.And we, for fear, compelled to shut our shops.1H6 III.i.85