Original textModern textKey line
Talbot, my life, my ioy, againe return'd?Talbot, my life, my joy, again returned?1H6 I.iv.23
How wert thou handled, being Prisoner?How wert thou handled being prisoner?1H6 I.iv.24
Or by what meanes got's thou to be releas'd?Or by what means got'st thou to be released?1H6 I.iv.25
Discourse I prethee on this Turrets top.Discourse, I prithee, on this turret's top.1H6 I.iv.26
Yet tell'st thou not, how thou wert entertain'd. Yet tellest thou not how thou wert entertained.1H6 I.iv.38
I grieue to heare what torments you endur'd,I grieve to hear what torments you endured;1H6 I.iv.57
But we will be reueng'd sufficiently.But we will be revenged sufficiently.1H6 I.iv.58
Now it is Supper time in Orleance:Now it is supper-time in Orleans;1H6 I.iv.59
Here, through this Grate, I count each one,Here, through this grate, I count each one1H6 I.iv.60
And view the Frenchmen how they fortifie:And view the Frenchmen how they fortify.1H6 I.iv.61
Let vs looke in, the sight will much delight thee:Let us look in; the sight will much delight thee.1H6 I.iv.62
Sir Thomas Gargraue, and Sir William Glansdale,Sir Thomas Gargrave and Sir William Glansdale,1H6 I.iv.63
Let me haue your expresse opinions,Let me have your express opinions1H6 I.iv.64
Where is best place to make our Batt'ry next?Where is best place to make our battery next.1H6 I.iv.65
O Lord haue mercy on vs, wretched sinners.O Lord, have mercy on us, wretched sinners!1H6 I.iv.70