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Ah Ione, this kils thy Fathers heart out-right,Ah, Joan, this kills thy father's heart outright.1H6 V.iv.2
Haue I sought euery Country farre and neere,Have I sought every country far and near,1H6 V.iv.3
And now it is my chance to finde thee out,And, now it is my chance to find thee out,1H6 V.iv.4
Must I behold thy timelesse cruell death:Must I behold thy timeless cruel death?1H6 V.iv.5
Ah Ione, sweet daughter Ione, Ile die with thee.Ah, Joan, sweet daughter Joan, I'll die with thee!1H6 V.iv.6
Out, out: My Lords, and please you, 'tis not soOut, out! My lords, an please you, 'tis not so.1H6 V.iv.10
I did beget her, all the Parish knowes:I did beget her, all the parish knows.1H6 V.iv.11
Her Mother liueth yet, can testifieHer mother liveth yet, can testify1H6 V.iv.12
She was the first fruite of my Bach'ler-ship.She was the first fruit of my bachelorship.1H6 V.iv.13
Fye Ione, that thou wilt be so obstacle:Fie, Joan, that thou wilt be so obstacle!1H6 V.iv.17
God knowes, thou art a collop of my flesh,God knows thou art a collop of my flesh,1H6 V.iv.18
And for thy sake haue I shed many a teare:And for thy sake have I shed many a tear.1H6 V.iv.19
Deny me not, I prythee, gentle Ione.Deny me not, I prithee, gentle Joan.1H6 V.iv.20
'Tis true, I gaue a Noble to the Priest,'Tis true, I gave a noble to the priest1H6 V.iv.23
The morne that I was wedded to her mother.The morn that I was wedded to her mother.1H6 V.iv.24
Kneele downe and take my blessing, good my Gyrle.Kneel down and take my blessing, good my girl.1H6 V.iv.25
Wilt thou not stoope? Now cursed be the timeWilt thou not stoop? Now cursed be the time1H6 V.iv.26
Of thy natiuitie: I would the MilkeOf thy nativity! I would the milk1H6 V.iv.27
Thy mother gaue thee when thou suck'st her brest,Thy mother gave thee when thou sucked'st her breast1H6 V.iv.28
Had bin a little Rats-bane for thy sake.Had been a little ratsbane for thy sake.1H6 V.iv.29
Or else,when thou didst keepe my Lambes a-field,Or else, when thou didst keep my lambs a-field,1H6 V.iv.30
I wish some rauenous Wolfe had eaten thee.I wish some ravenous wolf had eaten thee.1H6 V.iv.31
Doest thou deny thy Father, cursed Drab?Dost thou deny thy father, cursed drab?1H6 V.iv.32
O burne her, burne her,hanging is too good. O, burn her, burn her! Hanging is too good.1H6 V.iv.33