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Seruingmen. SERVINGMEN
Open the Gates vnto the Lord Protector,Open the gates unto the Lord Protector,1H6 I.iii.27
Or wee'le burst them open, if that you come not quickly.Or we'll burst them open if that you come not quickly.1H6 I.iii.28
My Lord, we know your Grace to be a manMy lord, we know your grace to be a man1H6 III.i.94
Iust, and vpright; and for your Royall Birth,Just and upright, and for your royal birth1H6 III.i.95
Inferior to none, but to his Maiestie:Inferior to none but to his majesty;1H6 III.i.96
And ere that we will suffer such a Prince,And ere that we will suffer such a prince,1H6 III.i.97
So kinde a Father of the Common-weale,So kind a father of the commonweal,1H6 III.i.98
To be disgraced by an Inke-horne Mate,To be disgraced by an inkhorn mate,1H6 III.i.99
Wee and our Wiues and Children all will fight,We and our wives and children all will fight1H6 III.i.100
And haue our bodyes slaughtred by thy foes.And have our bodies slaughtered by thy foes.1H6 III.i.101
And I will see what Physick the And I will see what physic the1H6 III.i.149
Tauerne affords. tavern affords.1H6 III.i.150