Original textModern textKey line
Stay Lords and Gentlemen, and pluck no moreStay, lords and gentlemen, and pluck no more1H6 II.iv.39
Till you conclude, that he vpon whose sideTill you conclude that he upon whose side1H6 II.iv.40
The fewest Roses are cropt from the Tree,The fewest roses are cropped from the tree1H6 II.iv.41
Shall yeeld the other in the right opinion.Shall yield the other in the right opinion.1H6 II.iv.42
Then for the truth, and plainnesse of the Case,Then, for the truth and plainness of the case,1H6 II.iv.46
I pluck this pale and Maiden Blossome here,I pluck this pale and maiden blossom here,1H6 II.iv.47
Giuing my Verdict on the white Rose side.Giving my verdict on the white rose side.1H6 II.iv.48
If I, my Lord, for my opinion bleed,If I, my lord, for my opinion bleed,1H6 II.iv.52
Opinion shall be Surgeon to my hurt,Opinion shall be surgeon to my hurt1H6 II.iv.53
And keepe me on the side where still I am.And keep me on the side where still I am.1H6 II.iv.54
In your behalfe still will I weare the same.In your behalf still will I wear the same.1H6 II.iv.130
Now Sir, to you that were so hot at Sea,Now, sir, to you, that were so hot at sea,1H6 III.iv.28
Disgracing of these Colours that I weare,Disgracing of these colours that I wear1H6 III.iv.29
In honor of my Noble Lord of YorkeIn honour of my noble lord of York,1H6 III.iv.30
Dar'st thou maintaine the former words thou spak'st?Darest thou maintain the former words thou spakest?1H6 III.iv.31
Sirrha,thy Lord I honour as he is.Sirrah, thy lord I honour as he is.1H6 III.iv.35
Hearke ye: not so: in witnesse take ye that.Hark ye, not so. In witness take ye that.1H6 III.iv.37
Well miscreant, Ile be there as soone as you,Well, miscreant, I'll be there as soon as you,1H6 III.iv.44
And after meete you, sooner then you would.And after meet you sooner than you would.1H6 III.iv.45
Grant me the Combate, gracious Soueraigne.Grant me the combat, gracious sovereign.1H6 IV.i.78
With him (my Lord) for he hath done me wrong.With him, my lord, for he hath done me wrong.1H6 IV.i.85
And that is my petition (Noble Lord:)And that is my petition, noble lord;1H6 IV.i.101
For though he seeme with forged queint conceiteFor though he seem with forged quaint conceit1H6 IV.i.102
To set a glosse vpon his bold intent,To set a gloss upon his bold intent,1H6 IV.i.103
Yet know (my Lord) I was prouok'd by him,Yet know, my lord, I was provoked by him,1H6 IV.i.104
And he first tooke exceptions at this badge,And he first took exceptions at this badge,1H6 IV.i.105
Pronouncing that the palenesse of this Flower,Pronouncing that the paleness of this flower1H6 IV.i.106
Bewray'd the faintnesse of my Masters heart.Bewrayed the faintness of my master's heart.1H6 IV.i.107
Nay, let it rest where it began at first.Nay, let it rest where it began at first.1H6 IV.i.121