Original textModern textKey line
Doe you call sir?Do you call, sir?MM IV.ii.19
A Bawd Sir? fie vpon him, he will discreditA bawd, sir? Fie upon him, he will discreditMM IV.ii.25
our mysterie.our mystery.MM IV.ii.26
I Sir, a Misterie.Ay, sir, a mystery.MM IV.ii.32
Sir, it is a Misterie.Sir, it is a mystery.MM IV.ii.38
Euerie true mans apparrell fits your Theefe. If itEvery true man's apparel fits your thief. If itMM IV.ii.40
be too little for your theefe, your true man thinkes it biggebe too little for your thief, your true man thinks it bigMM IV.ii.41
enough. If it bee too bigge for your Theefe, your Theefeenough. If it be too big for your thief, your thiefMM IV.ii.42
thinkes it little enough: So euerie true mans apparrell thinks it little enough. So every true man's apparelMM IV.ii.43
fits your Theefe.fits your thief.MM IV.ii.44
Come on (Bawd) I will instruct thee in myCome, on, bawd. I will instruct thee in myMM IV.ii.51
Trade: follow.trade. Follow!MM IV.ii.52
Sirrah, bring Barnardine hether.Sirrah, bring Barnardine hither.MM IV.iii.19
What hoa Barnardine.What ho, Barnardine!MM IV.iii.22
Tell him he must awake, / And that quickly too.Tell him he must awake, and that quickly too.MM IV.iii.29
Go in to him, and fetch him out.Go in to him, and fetch him out.MM IV.iii.32
Is the Axe vpon the blocke, sirrah?Is the axe upon the block, sirrah?MM IV.iii.35
Truly Sir, I would desire you to clap intoTruly, sir, I would desire you to clap intoMM IV.iii.39
your prayers: for looke you, the Warrants come.your prayers, for look you, the warrant's come.MM IV.iii.40
Looke you Sir, heere comes your ghostly Father:Look you, sir, here comes your ghostly father.MM IV.iii.46
do we iest now thinke you?Do we jest now, think you?MM IV.iii.47

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