Original textModern textKey line
A pox o'your throats: who makesA pox o' your throats! Who makesMM IV.iii.23
that noyse there? What are you?that noise there? What are you?MM IV.iii.24
Away you Rogue, away, I am Away, you rogue, away! I amMM IV.iii.27
sleepie.sleepy.MM IV.iii.28
How now Abhorson? / What's the newes withHow now, Abhorson, what's the news withMM IV.iii.37
you?you?MM IV.iii.38
You Rogue, I haue bin drinking all night,You rogue, I have been drinking all night.MM IV.iii.41
I am not fitted for't.I am not fitted for't.MM IV.iii.42
Friar, not I: I haue bin drinking hard allFriar, not I. I have been drinking hard allMM IV.iii.51
night, and I will haue more time to prepare mee, or they night and I will have more time to prepare me, or theyMM IV.iii.52
shall beat out my braines with billets: I will not consentshall beat out my brains with billets. I will not consentMM IV.iii.53
to die this day, that's die this day, that's certain.MM IV.iii.54
I sweare I will not die to day for anie mansI swear I will not die today for any man'sMM IV.iii.57
perswasion.persuasion.MM IV.iii.58
Not a word: if you haue anie thing to say toNot a word. If you have anything to say toMM IV.iii.60
me, come to my Ward: for thence will not I to day. me, come to my ward, for thence will not I today.MM IV.iii.61

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