Original textModern textKey line
Heauen grant vs its peace, but notHeaven grant us its peace, but notMM I.ii.4
the King of Hungaries.the King of Hungary's!MM I.ii.5
Why? 'twas a commandement, toWhy, 'twas a commandment toMM I.ii.12
command the Captaine and all the rest from their functions:command the captain and all the rest from their functions.MM I.ii.13
they put forth to steale: There's not a Souldier ofThey put forth to steal. There's not a soldier ofMM I.ii.14
vs all, that in the thanks-giuing before meate, do rallish theus all that, in the thanksgiving before meat, do relish theMM I.ii.15
petition well, that praies for peace.petition well that prays for peace.MM I.ii.16
What? In meeter?What? In metre?MM I.ii.21
I thinke, or in any Religion.I think, or in any religion.MM I.ii.23
Well: there went but a paire of Well, there went but a pair ofMM I.ii.27
sheeres betweene vs.shears between us.MM I.ii.28
And thou the Veluet; thou art goodAnd thou the velvet. Thou art goodMM I.ii.31
veluet; thou'rt a three pild-peece I warrant thee: Ivelvet. Thou'rt a three-piled piece, I warrant thee. IMM I.ii.32
had as liefe be a Lyst of an English Kersey, as be pil'd, ashad as lief be a list of an English kersey as be piled, asMM I.ii.33
thou art pil'd, for a French Veluet. Do I speake feelinglythou art piled, for a French velvet. Do I speak feelinglyMM I.ii.34
now?now?MM I.ii.35
I think I haue done my selfe wrong,I think I have done myself wrong,MM I.ii.40
haue I not?have I not?MM I.ii.41
I haue purchas'd as many diseasesI have purchased as many diseasesMM I.ii.45
vnder her Roofe, / As come tounder her roof as come to – MM I.ii.46
I, and more.Ay, and more.MM I.ii.50
Thou art alwayes figuring diseasesThou art always figuring diseasesMM I.ii.52
in me; but thou art full of error, I am me, but thou art full of error. I am sound.MM I.ii.53
How now, which of your hips hasHow now, which of your hips hasMM I.ii.57
the most profound Ciatica?the most profound sciatica?MM I.ii.58
Claudio to prison? 'tis not so.Claudio to prison? 'Tis not so.MM I.ii.65
But most of all agreeing with theBut most of all agreeing with theMM I.ii.78
proclamatiõ.proclamation.MM I.ii.79

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