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It shall be speeded well.It shall be speeded well.MM IV.v.10.2
Come I haue found you out a stand most fit,Come, I have found you out a stand most fit,MM
Where you may haue such vantage on the DukeWhere you may have such vantage on the DukeMM
He shall not passe you: / Twice haue the Trumpets sounded.He shall not pass you. Twice have the trumpets sounded.MM
The generous, and grauest CitizensThe generous and gravest citizensMM
Haue hent the gates, and very neere vponHave hent the gates, and very near uponMM
The Duke is entring: / Therefore hence away.The Duke is entering. Therefore hence, away.MM
Now is your time / Speake loud, and kneele before him.Now is your time. Speak loud and kneel before him.MM V.i.19
Blessed be your Royall Grace:Blessed be your royal grace,MM V.i.137
I haue stood by my Lord, and I haue heardI have stood by, my lord, and I have heardMM V.i.138
Your royall eare abus'd: first hath this womanYour royal ear abused. First hath this womanMM V.i.139
Most wrongfully accus'd your Substitute,Most wrongfully accused your substitute,MM V.i.140
Who is as free from touch, or soyle with herWho is as free from touch or soil with herMM V.i.141
As she from one vngot.As she from one ungot.MM V.i.142.1
I know him for a man diuine and holy,I know him for a man divine and holy,MM V.i.144
Not scuruy, nor a temporary medlerNot scurvy, nor a temporary meddler,MM V.i.145
As he's reported by this Gentleman:As he's reported by this gentleman,MM V.i.146
And on my trust, a man that neuer yetAnd, on my trust, a man that never yetMM V.i.147
Did (as he vouches) mis-report your Grace.Did – as he vouches – misreport your grace.MM V.i.148
Well: he in time may come to cleere himselfe;Well, he in time may come to clear himself,MM V.i.150
But at this instant he is sicke, my Lord:But at this instant he is sick, my lord,MM V.i.151
Of a strange Feauor: vpon his meere requestOf a strange fever. Upon his mere request,MM V.i.152
Being come to knowledge, that there was complaintBeing come to knowledge that there was complaintMM V.i.153
Intended 'gainst Lord Angelo, came I hetherIntended 'gainst Lord Angelo, came I hither,MM V.i.154
To speake as from his mouth, what he doth knowTo speak, as from his mouth, what he doth knowMM V.i.155
Is true, and false: And what he with his oathIs true and false, and what he with his oathMM V.i.156
And all probation will make vp full cleareAnd all probation will make up full clear,MM V.i.157
Whensoeuer he's conuented: First for this woman,Whensoever he's convented. First, for this woman,MM V.i.158
To iustifie this worthy Noble manTo justify this worthy nobleman,MM V.i.159
So vulgarly and personally accus'd,So vulgarly and personally accused,MM V.i.160
Her shall you heare disproued to her eyes,Her shall you hear disproved to her eyes,MM V.i.161
Till she her selfe confesse it.Till she herself confess it.MM V.i.162.1
Would he were here, my Lord, for he indeedWould he were here, my lord, for he indeedMM V.i.248
Hath set the women on to this Complaint;Hath set the women on to this complaint.MM V.i.249
Your Prouost knowes the place where he abides,Your provost knows the place where he abidesMM V.i.250
And he may fetch him.And he may fetch him.MM V.i.251.1

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