Original textModern textKey line
No indeede.No, indeed.MM II.i.101
I, so I did indeede.Ay, so I did, indeed.MM II.i.104
All this is true.All this is true.MM II.i.109
Allhallond-Eue.Allhallond Eve.MM II.i.120
I haue so, because it is an open roome, and good forI have so, because it is an open room and good forMM II.i.125
winter.winter.MM II.i.126
Here in Vienna, Sir.Here in Vienna, sir.MM II.i.184
Yes, and't please you sir.Yes, an't please you, sir.MM II.i.186
I thanke your worship: for mine owne part, II thank your worship. For mine own part, IMM II.i.198
neuer come into any roome in a Tap-house, but I am drawnenever come into any room in a taphouse but I am drawnMM II.i.199 II.i.200

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