Original textModern textKey line
I doe; and beare the shame most patiently.I do, and bear the shame most patiently.MM II.iii.20
Ile gladly learne.I'll gladly learn.MM II.iii.23.2
Yes, as I loue the woman that wrong'd him.Yes, as I love the woman that wronged him.MM II.iii.25
Mutually.Mutually.MM II.iii.27.2
I doe confesse it, and repent it (Father.)I do confess it, and repent it, father.MM II.iii.29
I doe repent me, as it is an euill,I do repent me as it is an evil,MM II.iii.35
And take the shame with ioy.And take the shame with joy.MM II.iii.36.1
Must die to morrow? oh iniurious LoueMust die tomorrow? O injurious love,MM II.iii.40
That respits me a life, whose very comfortThat respites me a life whose very comfortMM II.iii.41
Is still a dying horror.Is still a dying horror.MM II.iii.42.1

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