Original textModern textKey line
Breake off thy song, and haste thee quick away,Break off thy song, and haste thee quick away.MM IV.i.7
Here comes a man of comfort, whose aduiceHere comes a man of comfort, whose adviceMM IV.i.8
Hath often still'd my brawling discontent.Hath often stilled my brawling discontent.MM IV.i.9
I cry you mercie, Sir, and well could wishI cry you mercy, sir, and well could wishMM IV.i.10
You had not found me here so musicall.You had not found me here so musical.MM IV.i.11
Let me excuse me, and beleeue me so,Let me excuse me, and believe me so,MM IV.i.12
My mirth it much displeas'd, but pleas'd my woe.My mirth it much displeased, but pleased my woe.MM IV.i.13
You haue not bin enquir'd after: I haue satYou have not been inquired after. I have satMM IV.i.19
here all all day.MM IV.i.20
I am alwayes bound to you.I am always bound to you.MM IV.i.24
Good Frier, I know you do, and haue found it.Good friar, I know you do, and so have found it.MM IV.i.53
Wilt please you walke aside.Will't please you walk aside?MM IV.i.58
Feare me not.Fear me not.MM IV.i.69.2
Be rul'd by him.Be ruled by him.MM
I would Frier PeterI would Friar Peter – MM
Pardon my Lord, I will not shew my facePardon, my lord, I will not show my faceMM V.i.169
Vntill my husband bid me.Until my husband bid me.MM V.i.170
No my Lord.No, my lord.MM V.i.172
No my Lord.No, my lord.MM V.i.174
Neither, my Lord.Neither, my lord.MM V.i.176
My Lord, I doe confesse I nere was married,My lord, I do confess I ne'er was married,MM V.i.184
And I confesse besides, I am no Maid,And I confess besides I am no maid;MM V.i.185
I haue known my husband, yet my husbandI have known my husband, yet my husbandMM V.i.186
Knowes not, that euer he knew me.Knows not that ever he knew me.MM V.i.187
Now I come to't, my Lord.Now I come to't, my lord:MM V.i.192
Shee that accuses him of Fornication,She that accuses him of fornicationMM V.i.193
In selfe-same manner, doth accuse my husband,In selfsame manner doth accuse my husband;MM V.i.194
And charges him, my Lord, with such a time,And charges him, my lord, with such a timeMM V.i.195
When I'le depose I had him in mine ArmesWhen, I'll depose, I had him in mine arms,MM V.i.196
With all th' effect of Loue.With all th' effect of love.MM V.i.197
Not that I know.Not that I know.MM V.i.198.2
Why iust, my Lord, and that is Angelo,Why, just, my lord, and that is Angelo,MM V.i.200
Who thinkes he knowes, that he nere knew my body,Who thinks he knows that he ne'er knew my body,MM V.i.201
But knows, he thinkes, that he knowes Isabels.But knows, he thinks, that he knows Isabel's.MM V.i.202
My husband bids me, now I will vnmaske.My husband bids me. Now I will unmask.MM V.i.204
This is that face, thou cruell AngeloThis is that face, thou cruel Angelo,MM V.i.205
Which once thou sworst, was worth the looking on:Which once thou swor'st was worth the looking on.MM V.i.206
This is the hand, which with a vowd contractThis is the hand which, with a vowed contract,MM V.i.207
Was fast belockt in thine: This is the bodyWas fast belocked in thine. This is the bodyMM V.i.208
That tooke away the match from Isabell,That took away the match from Isabel,MM V.i.209
And did supply thee at thy garden-houseAnd did supply thee at thy garden-houseMM V.i.210
In her Imagin'd person.In her imagined person.MM V.i.211.1
Noble Prince,Noble prince,MM V.i.222.2
As there comes light from heauen, and words frõ breath,As there comes light from heaven and words from breath,MM V.i.223
As there is sence in truth, and truth in vertue,As there is sense in truth and truth in virtue,MM V.i.224
I am affianced this mans wife, as stronglyI am affianced this man's wife as stronglyMM V.i.225
As words could make vp vowes: And my good Lord,As words could make up vows, and, my good lord,MM V.i.226
But Tuesday night last gon, in's garden house,But Tuesday night last gone in's garden-houseMM V.i.227
He knew me as a wife. As this is true,He knew me as a wife. As this is true,MM V.i.228
Let me in safety raise me from my knees,Let me in safety raise me from my kneesMM V.i.229
Or else for euer be confixed hereOr else for ever be confixed hereMM V.i.230
A Marble Monument.A marble monument.MM V.i.231.1
Oh my most gracious Lord,O, my most gracious lord,MM V.i.413.2
I hope you will not mocke me with a husband?I hope you will not mock me with a husband.MM V.i.414
Oh my deere Lord,O my dear lord,MM V.i.422.2
I craue no other, nor no better man.I crave no other, nor no better man.MM V.i.423
Gentle my Liege.Gentle my liege! – MM V.i.425.1
Oh my good Lord, sweet Isabell, take my part,O my good lord! Sweet Isabel, take my part,MM V.i.427
Lend me your knees, and all my life to come,Lend me your knees, and, all my life to come,MM V.i.428
I'll lend you all my life to doe you seruice.I'll lend you all my life to do you service.MM V.i.429
Isabell:Isabel,MM V.i.433.2
Sweet Isabel, doe yet but kneele by me,Sweet Isabel, do yet but kneel by me.MM V.i.434
Hold vp your hands, say nothing: I'll speake all.Hold up your hands, say nothing, I'll speak all.MM V.i.435
They say best men are moulded out of faults,They say best men are moulded out of faults,MM V.i.436
And for the most, become much more the betterAnd, for the most, become much more the betterMM V.i.437
For being a little bad: So may my husband.For being a little bad. So may my husband.MM V.i.438
Oh Isabel: will you not lend a knee?O Isabel, will you not lend a knee?MM V.i.439
Meerely my Lord.Merely, my lord.MM V.i.451.2