Original textModern textKey line
Well, well: there's one yonderWell, well; there's one yonderMM I.ii.59
arrested, and carried to prison, was worth fiue thousandarrested and carried to prison was worth five thousandMM I.ii.60
of you all.of you all.MM I.ii.61
Marry Sir, that's Claudio, Signior Marry, sir, that's Claudio, SignorMM I.ii.63
Claudio.Claudio.MM I.ii.64
Nay, but I know 'tis so: I saw himNay, but I know 'tis so. I saw himMM I.ii.66
arrested: saw him carried away: and which is more,arrested, saw him carried away, and, which is more,MM I.ii.67
within these three daies his head to be chop'd off.within these three days his head to be chopped off.MM I.ii.68
I am too sure of it: and it is forI am too sure of it; and it is forMM I.ii.71
getting Madam Iulietta with childe.getting Madam Julietta with child.MM I.ii.72
Thus, what with the war; whatThus, what with the war, whatMM I.ii.81
with the sweat, what with the gallowes, and what withwith the sweat, what with the gallows, and what withMM I.ii.82
pouerty, I am Custom-shrunke.poverty, I am custom-shrunk.MM I.ii.83
How now? what's the newes with you.How now? What's the news with you?MM I.ii.84
Well: what has he done?Well, what has he done?MM I.ii.86
But what's his offence?But what's his offence?MM I.ii.88
What? is there a maid with childWhat? Is there a maid with childMM I.ii.90
by him?by him?MM I.ii.91
What proclamation, man?What proclamation, man?MM I.ii.94
And what shall become of thoseAnd what shall become of thoseMM I.ii.97
in the Citie?in the city?MM I.ii.98
But shall all our houses of resortBut shall all our houses of resortMM I.ii.101
in the Suburbs be puld downe?in the suburbs be pulled down?MM I.ii.102
Why heere's a change indeed inWhy, here's a change indeed in MM I.ii.104
the Commonwealth: what shall become of me?the commonwealth. What shall become of me?MM I.ii.105
What's to doe heere, Thomas Tapster?What's to do here, Thomas Tapster?MM I.ii.111
let's withdraw?Let's withdraw.MM I.ii.112
Good my Lord be good to mee,Good my lord, be good to me.MM III.ii.181
your Honor is accounted a mercifull man: good myYour honour is accounted a merciful man, good myMM III.ii.182
Lord.lord.MM III.ii.183
My Lord, this is one Lucio's My lord, this is one Lucio'sMM III.ii.189
information against me, Mistris Kate Keepe-downe information against me. Mistress Kate KeepdownMM III.ii.190
was with childe by him in the Dukes time, he promis'd herwas with child by him in the Duke's time. He promised herMM III.ii.191
marriage: his Childe is a yeere and a quarter olde come marriage. His child is a year and a quarter old, comeMM III.ii.192
Philip and Iacob: I haue kept it my selfe; and see how heePhilip and Jacob. I have kept it myself, and see how heMM III.ii.193
goes about to abuse me.goes about to abuse me.MM III.ii.194

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