Original textModern textKey line
Amen.Amen.MM I.ii.6
Thou shalt not Steale?‘ Thou shalt not steal ’?MM I.ii.10
I neuer heard any Souldier dislike it.I never heard any soldier dislike it.MM I.ii.17
No? a dozen times at least.No? A dozen times at least.MM I.ii.20
Yes, that thou hast; whether thouYes, that thou hast, whether thouMM I.ii.42
art tainted, or tainted or free.MM I.ii.43
To what, I pray?To what, I pray?MM I.ii.47
To three thousand Dollours a yeare.To three thousand dolours a year.MM I.ii.49
Who's that I pray'thee?Who's that, I pray thee?MM I.ii.62
Besides you know, it drawes Besides, you know, it drawsMM I.ii.76
somthing neere to the speech we had to such a purpose.something near to the speech we had to such a purpose.MM I.ii.77

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