Original textModern textKey line
The dinner is on the Table, my Father desires yourThe dinner is on the table. My father desires yourMW I.i.242
worships company.worships' company.MW I.i.243
Wil't please your worship to come in, Sir?Will't please your worship to come in, sir?MW I.i.247
The dinner attends you, Sir.The dinner attends you, sir.MW I.i.250
I may not goe in without your worship: they willI may not go in without your worship – they willMW I.i.258
not sit till you come.not sit till you come.MW I.i.259
I pray you Sir walke in.I pray you, sir, walk in.MW I.i.262
I thinke there are, Sir, I heard them talk'd of.I think there are, sir. I heard them talked of.MW I.i.269
I indeede Sir.Ay, indeed, sir.MW I.i.273
Not I Sir, pray you keepe on.Not I, sir. Pray you, keep on.MW I.i.288
I pray you Sir.I pray you, sir.MW I.i.291
Alas, how then?Alas, how then?MW III.iv.3.1
May be he tels you true.Maybe he tells you true.MW III.iv.11
Gentle M. Fenton,Gentle Master Fenton,MW III.iv.18.2
Yet seeke my Fathers loue, still seeke it sir,Yet seek my father's love, still seek it, sir.MW III.iv.19
If opportunity and humblest suiteIf opportunity and humblest suitMW III.iv.20
Cannot attaine it, why then harke you hither.Cannot attain it, why then – hark you hither.MW III.iv.21
I come to him. This is my Fathers choice:I come to him. (Aside) This is my father's choice.MW III.iv.31
O what a world of vilde ill-fauour'd faultsO, what a world of vile ill-favoured faultsMW III.iv.32
Lookes handsome in three hundred pounds a yeere?Looks handsome in three hundred pounds a year!MW III.iv.33
Good Maister Shallow let him woo for himselfe. Good Master Shallow, let him woo for himself.MW III.iv.50
Now Master Slender.Now, Master Slender –MW III.iv.53
What is your will?What is your will?MW III.iv.55
I meane (M. Slender) what wold you with me?I mean, Master Slender, what would you with me?MW III.iv.59
Good mother, do not marry me to yond foole.Good mother, do not marry me to yond fool.MW III.iv.81
Alas I had rather be set quick i'th earth,Alas, I had rather be set quick i'th' earth,MW III.iv.84
And bowl'd to death with Turnips.And bowled to death with turnips.MW III.iv.85
Pardon good father, good my mother pardonPardon, good father. Good my mother, pardon.MW V.v.208