Original textModern textKey line
You Banbery Cheese.You Banbury cheese!MW I.i.121
Why sir, (for my part) I say the GentlemanWhy, sir, for my part, I say the gentlemanMW I.i.161
had drunke himselfe out of his fiue sentences.had drunk himself out of his five sentences.MW I.i.162
And being fap, sir, was (as they say) casheerd:And being fap, sir, was, as they say, cashiered.MW I.i.164
and so conclusions past the Car-eires.And so conclusions passed the careers.MW I.i.165
It is a life that I haue desir'd: I will thriue.It is a life that I have desired. I will thrive.MW I.iii.18
Sir Iohn, there's one Master Broome belowSir John, there's one Master Brook belowMW II.ii.140
would faine speake with you, and be acquainted withwould fain speak with you, and be acquainted withMW II.ii.141
you; and hath sent your worship a mornings draughtyou; and hath sent your worship a morning's draughtMW II.ii.142
of Sacke.of sack.MW II.ii.143
I Sir.Ay, sir.MW II.ii.145
Heere Sir.Here, sir.MW III.v.2
Here's M. Quickly Sir to speake withHere's Mistress Quickly, sir, to speak withMW III.v.17 III.v.18
Come in woman.Come in, woman.MW III.v.22
With Egges, Sir?With eggs, sir?MW III.v.27
Sir, the Germane desires to haue three of yourSir, the Germans desire to have three of yourMW IV.iii.1
horses: the Duke himselfe will be to morrow at Court,horses. The Duke himself will be tomorrow at court,MW IV.iii.2
and they are going to meet him.and they are going to meet him.MW IV.iii.3
I Sir? Ile call him to you.Ay, sir. I'll call them to you.MW IV.iii.7
Out alas (Sir) cozonage: meere cozonage.Out, alas, sir, cozenage, mere cozenage!MW IV.v.59
Run away with the cozoners: for so soone asRun away with the cozeners. For so soon asMW IV.v.61
I came beyond Eaton, they threw me off, from behindeI came beyond Eton, they threw me off, from behindMW IV.v.62
one of them, in a slough of myre; and set spurres, andone of them, in a slough of mire; and set spurs andMW IV.v.63
away; like three Germane-diuels; three Doctor Faustasses. away, like three German devils, three Doctor Faustuses.MW IV.v.64