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Vat is you sing? I doe not like des-toyes: pray you goeVat is you sing? I do not like dese toys. Pray you goMW I.iv.43
and vetch me in my Closset, vnboyteene verd; a Box, aand vetch me in my closet un boîtier vert – a box, aMW I.iv.44
greene-a-Box: do intend vat I speake? a box. Do intend vat I speak? A green-a box.MW I.iv.45
Fe, fe, fe, fe,Fe, fe, fe, fe! Ma foi, il fait fort chaud. Je m'enMW I.iv.49
Court la grand affaires.vais à la cour – la grande affaire.MW I.iv.50
Ouy mette le au mon pocket, de-peech quickly: quickly: VereOui, mette-le au mon pocket. Dépêche, quickly. VereMW I.iv.52
is dat knaue Rugby?is dat knave Rugby?MW I.iv.53
You are Iohn Rugby, aad you are Iacke Rugby:You are John Rugby, and you are Jack Rugby.MW I.iv.56
Come, take-a-your Rapier, and come after my heele to theCome, take-a your rapier, and come after my heel to theMW I.iv.57
Court.court.MW I.iv.58
By my trot: I tarry too long: od's-me: que ay ieBy my trot, I tarry too long. 'Od's me! Qu'ai-jeMW I.iv.60
oublie: dere is some Simples in my Closset, dat I vill notoublié? Dere is some simples in my closet, dat I vill notMW I.iv.61
for the varld I shall leaue behinde.for the varld I shall leave behind.MW I.iv.62
O Diable, Diable: vat is in my Closset?O, diable, diable! Vat is in my closet?MW I.iv.65
Villanie, La-roone : Villainy! Larron!MW I.iv.66
Rugby, my Rapier.Rugby, my rapier!MW I.iv.67
Wherefore shall I be content-a?Wherefore shall I be content-a?MW I.iv.69
What shall de honest man do in my Closset: dere isWhat shall de honest man do in my closet? Dere isMW I.iv.71
no honest man dat shall come in my honest man dat shall come in my closet.MW I.iv.72
Vell.Vell?MW I.iv.76
Peace-a-your tongue: speake-a-yourPeace-a your tongue. (To Simple) Speak-a yourMW I.iv.79
Tale.tale.MW I.iv.80
Sir Hugh send-a you? Rugby, ballow mee someSir Hugh send-a you? Rugby, baille me someMW I.iv.86
paper: tarry you a littell-a-while.paper. (To Simple) Tarry you a little-a while.MW I.iv.87
You, Iack'Nape: giue-'a this Letter to Sir Hugh, byYou, jack'nape, give-a this letter to Sir Hugh. ByMW I.iv.105
gar it is a shallenge: I will cut his troat in de Parke, and I willgar, it is a shallenge. I will cut his troat in de park, and I willMW I.iv.106
teach a scuruy Iack-a-nape Priest to meddle, or make:--- youteach a scurvy jackanape priest to meddle or make. YouMW I.iv.107
may be gon: it is not good you tarry here:may be gone. It is not good you tarry here. Exit SimpleMW I.iv.108
by gar I will cut all his two stones: by gar, he shall notBy gar, I will cut all his two stones. By gar, he shall notMW I.iv.109
haue a stone to throw at his dogge.have a stone to throw at his dog.MW I.iv.110
It is no matter 'a ver dat: do not you tell-a-me datIt is no matter-a ver dat. Do not you tell-a me datMW I.iv.112
I shall haue Anne Page for my selfe? by gar, I vill kill deI shall have Anne Page for myself? By gar, I vill kill deMW I.iv.113
Iack-Priest: and I haue appointed mine Host of deJack priest. And I have appointed mine host of deMW I.iv.114
Iarteer to measure our weapon: by gar, I wil my selfeJarteer to measure our weapon. By gar, I will myselfMW I.iv.115
haue Anne Page.have Anne Page.MW I.iv.116
Rugby, come to the Court with me:Rugby, come to the court with me. (To MistressMW I.iv.120
by gar, if I haue not Anne Page, I shall turneQuickly) By gar, if I have not Anne Page, I shall turnMW I.iv.121
your head out of my dore: follow my heeles, Rugby.your head out of my door. Follow my heels, Rugby.MW I.iv.122
Iacke Rugby.Jack Rugby!MW II.iii.1
Vat is the clocke, Iack.Vat is the clock, Jack?MW II.iii.3
By gar, he has saue his soule, dat he is no-come: heeBy gar, he has save his soul dat he is no come. HeMW II.iii.6
has pray his Pible well, dat he is no-come: by gar (Iack has pray his Pible well dat he is no come. By gar, JackMW II.iii.7
Rugby) he is dead already, if he be come.Rugby, he is dead already if he be come.MW II.iii.8
By gar, de herring is no dead, so as I vill kill him:By gar, de herring is no dead so as I vill kill him.MW II.iii.11
take your Rapier, (Iacke) I vill tell you how I vill kill him.Take your rapier, Jack. I vill tell you how I vill kill him.MW II.iii.12
Villanie, take your Rapier.Villainy, take your rapier.MW II.iii.14
Vat be all you one, two, tree, fowre, come for?Vat be you all, one, two, tree, four, come for?MW II.iii.20
By gar, he is de Coward-Iack-Priest of de vorld: heBy gar, he is de coward Jack priest of de vorld. HeMW II.iii.28
is not show his not show his face.MW II.iii.29
I pray you beare witnesse, that me haue stay, sixe or I pray you bear witness that me have stay six orMW II.iii.32
seuen, two tree howres for him, and hee is no-come. seven, two, tree hours for him, and he is no come.MW II.iii.33
Mock-vater? vat is dat?Mockvater? Vat is dat?MW II.iii.54
By gar, then I haue as much Mock-vater as deBy gar, then I have as much mockvater as deMW II.iii.56
Englishman: scuruy-Iack-dog-Priest: by gar, mee vill cutEnglishman. Scurvy jack-dog priest! By gar, me vill cutMW II.iii.57
his eares.his ears.MW II.iii.58
Clapper-de-claw? vat is dat?Clapper-de-claw? Vat is dat?MW II.iii.60
By-gar, me doe looke hee shall clapper-de-claw me,By gar, me do look he shall clapper-de-claw me,MW II.iii.62
for by-gar, me vill haue it.for, by gar, me vill have it.MW II.iii.63
Me tanck you for dat.Me tank you for dat.MW II.iii.65
By-gar, me vill kill de Priest, for he speake for aBy gar, me vill kill de priest, for he speak for aMW II.iii.75
Iack-an-Ape to Anne Page.jackanape to Anne Page.MW II.iii.76
By-gar, mee dancke you vor dat: by gar I loue you:By gar, me dank you vor dat. By gar, I love you,MW II.iii.82
and I shall procure 'a you de good Guest: de Earle, deand I shall procure-a you de good guest – de earl, deMW II.iii.83
Knight, de Lords, de Gentlemen, my patients.knight, de lords, de gentlemen, my patients.MW II.iii.84
By-gar, 'tis good: vell said.By gar, 'tis good. Vell said.MW II.iii.87
Come at my heeles, Iack Rugby.Come at my heels, Jack Rugby.MW II.iii.89
I pray you let-a-mee speake a word with your eare;I pray you let-a me speak a word with your ear.MW III.i.72
vherefore vill you not meet-a me?Verefore vill you not meet-a me?MW III.i.73
By-gar, you are de Coward: de Iack dog: Iohn Ape.By gar, you are de coward, de Jack dog, John ape.MW III.i.76
Diable: Iack Rugby: mine Host de Iarteer: haue IDiable! Jack Rugby, mine host de Jarteer, have IMW III.i.83
not stay for him, to kill him? haue I not at de place Inot stay for him to kill him? Have I not, at de place IMW III.i.84
did appoint?did appoint?MW III.i.85
I, dat is very good, excellant.Ay, dat is very good, excellent.MW III.i.91
Ha' do I perceiue dat? Haue you make-a-de-sotHa, do I perceive dat? Have you make-a de sot ofMW III.i.106
of vs, ha, ha?us, ha, ha?MW III.i.107
By gar, with all my heart: he promise to bring meBy gar, with all my heart. He promise to bring meMW III.i.112
where is Anne Page: by gar he deceiue me too.where is Anne Page. By gar, he deceive me too.MW III.i.113
Shal. Page, &c. ALL
Well met Mr Ford.Well met, Master Ford.MW III.ii.45
I be-gar, and de Maid is loue-a-me: my nursh-a-Ay, be-gar, and de maid is love-a me – my nursh-aMW III.ii.58
Quickly tell me so mush.Quickly tell me so mush.MW III.ii.59
Go home Iohn Rugby, I come anon.Go home, John Rugby. I come anon.MW III.ii.78
All. ALL
Haue with you, to see this Monster. Have with you to see this monster.MW III.ii.83
By gar, 'tis no-the fashion of France: / It is notBy gar, 'tis no the fashion of France. It is notMW III.iii.161
iealous in France.jealous in France.MW III.iii.162
Be gar, nor I too: there is no-bodies.By gar, nor I too. There is nobodies.MW III.iii.201
By gar, I see 'tis an honest woman.By gar, I see 'tis an honest woman.MW III.iii.210
If there be one, or two, I shall make-a-theturd.If there be one or two, I shall make-a the turd.MW III.iii.222
Dat is good by gar, withall my heart.Dat is good. By gar, with all my heart.MW III.iii.226
Ver' is mine Host de Iarteere?Vere is mine host de Jarteer?MW IV.v.76
I cannot tell vat is dat: but it is tell-a-me, dat youI cannot tell vat is dat. But it is tell-a me dat youMW IV.v.79
make grand preparation for a Duke de Iamanie: by mymake grand preparation for a duke de Jamany. By myMW IV.v.80
trot: der is no Duke that the Court is know, to come: Itrot, dere is no duke that the court is know to come. IMW IV.v.81
tell you for good will: adieu.tell you for good will. Adieu.MW IV.v.82
I know vat I haue to do, adieu.I know vat I have to do. Adieu.MW V.iii.5
Ver is Mistris Page: by gar I am cozoned, I haVere is Mistress Page? By gar, I am cozened. I ha'MW V.v.199
married oon Garsoon, a boy; oon pesant, by gar. A boy, it ismarried un garçon, a boy; un paysan, by gar, a boy. It isMW V.v.200
not An Page, by gar, I am cozened.not Anne Page. By gar, I am cozened.MW V.v.201
I bee gar, and 'tis a boy: be gar, Ile raise allAy, by gar, and 'tis a boy. By gar, I'll raise allMW V.v.203
Windsor.Windsor.MW V.v.204