EVANS as a Satyr
Original textModern textKey line
Wher's Bede? Go you, and where you find a maidWhere's Bead? Go you, and where you find a maidMW V.v.49
That ere she sleepe has thrice her prayers said,That, ere she sleep, has thrice her prayers said,MW V.v.50
Raise vp the Organs of her fantasie,Raise up the organs of her fantasy,MW V.v.51
Sleepe she as sound as carelesse infancie,Sleep she as sound as careless infancy.MW V.v.52
But those as sleepe, and thinke not on their sins,But those as sleep and think not on their sins,MW V.v.53
Pinch them armes, legs, backes, shoulders, sides, & shins.Pinch them, arms, legs, backs, shoulders, sides, and shins.MW V.v.54
Pray you lock hand in hand: your selues in order (set:Pray you, lock hand in hand; yourselves in order set;MW V.v.77
And twenty glow-wormes shall our Lanthornes beeAnd twenty glow-worms shall our lanterns be,MW V.v.78
To guide our Measure round about the Tree.To guide our measure round about the tree.MW V.v.79
But stay, I smell a man of middle earth.But stay – I smell a man of middle earth.MW V.v.80
Come: will this wood take fire?Come, will this wood take fire?MW V.v.88.2