MISTRESS QUICKLY as Queen of Fairies
Original textModern textKey line
Fairies blacke, gray, greene, and white,Fairies black, grey, green, and white,MW V.v.37
You Moone-shine reuellers, and shades of night.You moonshine revellers, and shades of night,MW V.v.38
You Orphan heires of fixed destiny,You orphan heirs of fixed destiny,MW V.v.39
Attend your office, and your quality.Attend your office and your quality.MW V.v.40
Crier Hob-goblyn, make the Fairy Oyes.Crier Hobgoblin, make the fairy oyes.MW V.v.41
About, about:About, about!MW V.v.55
Search Windsor Castle (Elues) within, and out.Search Windsor Castle, elves, within and out.MW V.v.56
Strew good lucke (Ouphes) on euery sacred roome,Strew good luck, ouphes, on every sacred room,MW V.v.57
That it may stand till the perpetuall doome,That it may stand till the perpetual doomMW V.v.58
In state as wholsome, as in state 'tis fit,In state as wholesome as in state 'tis fit,MW V.v.59
Worthy the Owner, and the Owner it.Worthy the owner and the owner it.MW V.v.60
The seuerall Chaires of Order, looke you scowreThe several chairs of order look you scourMW V.v.61
With iuyce of Balme; and euery precious flowre,With juice of balm and every precious flower.MW V.v.62
Each faire Instalment, Coate, and seu'rall Crest,Each fair instalment, coat, and several crest,MW V.v.63
With loyall Blazon, euermore be blest.With loyal blazon, evermore be blest!MW V.v.64
And Nightly-meadow-Fairies, looke you singAnd nightly, meadow-fairies, look you sing,MW V.v.65
Like to the Garters-Compasse, in a ringLike to the Garter's compass, in a ring.MW V.v.66
Th' expressure that it beares: Greene let it be,Th' expressure that it bears, green let it be,MW V.v.67
Mote fertile-fresh then all the Field to see:More fertile-fresh than all the field to see;MW V.v.68
And, Hony Soit Qui Mal-y-Pence, writeAnd Honi soit qui mal y pense writeMW V.v.69
In Emrold-tuffes, Flowres purple, blew, and white,In emerald tufts, flowers purple, blue, and white,MW V.v.70
Like Saphire-pearle, and rich embroiderie,Like sapphire, pearl, and rich embroidery,MW V.v.71
Buckled below faire Knight-hoods bending knee;Buckled below fair knighthood's bending knee.MW V.v.72
Fairies vse Flowres for their characterie.Fairies use flowers for their charactery.MW V.v.73
Away, disperse: But till 'tis one a clocke,Away, disperse! But till 'tis one o'clock,MW V.v.74
Our Dance of Custome, round about the OkeOur dance of custom round about the oakMW V.v.75
Of Herne the Hunter, let vs not forget.Of Herne the Hunter let us not forget.MW V.v.76
With Triall-fire touch me his finger end:With trial-fire touch me his finger-end.MW V.v.84
If he be chaste, the flame will backe descendIf he be chaste, the flame will back descendMW V.v.85
And turne him to no paine: but if he start,And turn him to no pain; but if he start,MW V.v.86
It is the flesh of a corrupted hart.It is the flesh of a corrupted heart.MW V.v.87
Corrupt, corrupt, and tainted in desire.Corrupt, corrupt, and tainted in desire!MW V.v.90
About him (Fairies) sing a scornfull rime,About him, fairies, sing a scornful rhyme,MW V.v.91
And as you trip, still pinch him to your time.And, as you trip, still pinch him to your time.MW V.v.92
Fie on sinnefull phantasie: Fie on sinful fantasy!MW V.v.93
Fie on Lust, and Luxurie:Fie on lust and luxury!MW V.v.94
Lust is but a bloudy fire,Lust is but a bloody fire,MW V.v.95
kindled with vnchaste desire,Kindled with unchaste desire,MW V.v.96
Fed in heart whose flames aspire,Fed in heart, whose flames aspire,MW V.v.97
As thoughts do blow them higher and higher.As thoughts do blow them, higher and higher.MW V.v.98
Pinch him (Fairies) mutually: Pinch him, fairies, mutually,MW V.v.99
Pinch him for his villanie.Pinch him for his villainy.MW V.v.100
Pinch him, and burne him, and turne him about,Pinch him, and burn him, and turn him about,MW V.v.101
Till Candles, & Star-light, & Moone-shine be out.Till candles and starlight and moonshine be out.MW V.v.102