Original textModern textKey line
Slice, I say; pauca, pauca: Slice, that's my humor.Slice, I say. Pauca, pauca. Slice! That's my humour.MW I.i.125
Be auis'd sir, and passe good humours: I will sayBe advised, sir, and pass good humours. I will sayMW I.i.154
marry trap with you, if you runne the nut-hooks humor‘ Marry trap with you,’ if you run the nuthook's humourMW I.i.155
on me, that is the very note of it.on me. That is the very note of it.MW I.i.156
He was gotten in drink: is not the humorHe was gotten in drink. Is not the humourMW I.iii.20
cõceited?conceited?MW I.iii.21
The good humor is to steale at a minutes rest.The good humour is to steal at a minute's rest.MW I.iii.25
The Anchor is deepe: will that humor passe?The anchor is deep. Will that humour pass?MW I.iii.47
The humor rises: it is good: humor me theThe humour rises – it is good. Humour me theMW I.iii.51
angels.angels.MW I.iii.52
I thanke thee for that humour.I thank thee for that humour.MW I.iii.59
I will run no base humor: here take the humor-Letter;I will run no base humour. Here, take the humour-letter.MW I.iii.72
I will keepe the hauior of reputation.I will keep the haviour of reputation.MW I.iii.73
I haue opperations, / Which be humors of reuenge.I have operations which be humours of revenge.MW I.iii.84
By Welkin, and her Star.By welkin and her star!MW I.iii.85.2
With both the humors, I:With both the humours, I.MW I.iii.86.2
I will discusse the humour of this Loue to Ford.I will discuss the humour of this love to Page.MW I.iii.87
My humour shall not coole: I will incense Ford toMy humour shall not cool. I will incense Page toMW I.iii.92
deale with poyson: I will possesse him with yallownesse, fordeal with poison. I will possess him with yellowness, forMW I.iii.93
the reuolt of mine is dangerous: that is my true humour.the revolt of mine is dangerous. That is my true humour.MW I.iii.94
And this is true: I like not the humor ofAnd this is true. I like not the humour ofMW II.i.120
lying: hee hath wronged mee in some humors: I shouldlying. He hath wronged me in some humours. I shouldMW II.i.121
haue borne the humour'd Letter to her: but I haue a have borne the humoured letter to her, but I have aMW II.i.122
sword: and it shall bite vpon my necessitie: he loues yoursword and it shall bite upon my necessity. He loves yourMW II.i.123
wife; There's the short and the long: My name iswife. There's the short and the long. My name isMW II.i.124
Corporall Nim: I speak, and I auouch; 'tis true: my nameCorporal Nym. I speak, and I avouch 'tis true. My nameMW II.i.125
is Nim: and Falstaffe loues your wife: adieu, I loue notis Nym, and Falstaff loves your wife. Adieu. I love notMW II.i.126
the humour of bread and cheese:the humour of bread and cheese – and there's theMW II.i.127
adieu.humour of it. Adieu.MW II.i.128