Original textModern textKey line
How now, Mephostophilus?How now, Mephostophilus?MW I.i.123
He heares with eares.He hears with ears.MW I.i.138
Ha, thou mountaine Forreyner: Sir Iohn, and Master mine,Ha, thou mountain-foreigner! – Sir John and master mine,MW I.i.149
I combat challenge of this Latine Bilboe:I combat challenge of this latten bilbo.MW I.i.150
word of deniall in thy labras here;Word of denial in thy labras here!MW I.i.151
word of denial; froth, and scum thou liest.Word of denial! Froth and scum, thou liest!MW I.i.152
O base hungarian wight: wilt yu the spigot wield.O base Hungarian wight! Wilt thou the spigot wield?MW I.iii.19
Conuay: the wise it call: Steale? foh:‘ Convey ’, the wise it call. ‘ Steal!’ Foh,MW I.iii.26
a fico for the phrase.A fico for the phrase!MW I.iii.27
Why then let Kibes ensue.Why then, let kibes ensue.MW I.iii.29
Yong Rauens must haue foode.Young ravens must have food.MW I.iii.32
I ken the wight: he is of substance good.I ken the wight. He is of substance good.MW I.iii.34
Two yards, and more.Two yards, and more.MW I.iii.36
He hath studied her will; and translated her will:He hath studied her will, and translated her will –MW I.iii.45
out of honesty, into English.out of honesty into English.MW I.iii.46
As many diuels entertaine: and to her Boy say I.As many devils entertain! And ‘ To her, boy,’ say I.MW I.iii.50
Then did the Sun on dung-hill shine.Then did the sun on dunghill shine.MW I.iii.58
Shall I Sir Pandarus of Troy become,Shall I Sir Pandarus of Troy become –MW I.iii.70
And by my side weare Steele? then Lucifer take all.And by my side wear steel? Then Lucifer take all!MW I.iii.71
Let Vultures gripe thy guts: for gourd, and Fullam holds:Let vultures gripe thy guts! For gourd and fullam holds,MW I.iii.80
& high and low beguiles the rich & poore,And high and low beguiles the rich and poor.MW I.iii.81
Tester ile haue in pouch when thou shalt lacke,Tester I'll have in pouch when thou shalt lack,MW I.iii.82
Base Phrygian Turke.Base Phrygian Turk!MW I.iii.83
Wilt thou reuenge?Wilt thou revenge?MW I.iii.85.1
With wit, or Steele?With wit or steel?MW I.iii.86.1
And I to Page shall eke vnfoldAnd I to Ford shall eke unfoldMW I.iii.88
How Falstaffe (varlet vile)How Falstaff, varlet vile,MW I.iii.89
His Doue will proue; his gold will hold,His dove will prove, his gold will hold,MW I.iii.90
And his soft couch defile.And his soft couch defile.MW I.iii.91
Thou art the Mars of Malecontents: I second thee: troope on. Thou art the Mars of malcontents. I second thee. Troop on.MW I.iii.95
Hope is a curtall-dog in some affaires:Hope is a curtal dog in some affairs.MW II.i.103
Sir Iohn affects thy wife.Sir John affects thy wife.MW II.i.104
He wooes both high and low, both rich & poor,He woos both high and low, both rich and poor,MW II.i.106
both yong and old, one with another (Ford)Both young and old, one with another, Ford.MW II.i.107
he loues the Gally-mawfry (Ford) perpend.He loves the gallimaufry. Ford, perpend.MW II.i.108
With liuer, burning hot: preuent: / Or goe thouWith liver burning hot. Prevent. Or go thouMW II.i.110
like Sir Acteon he, with / Ring-wood at thy heeles:Like Sir Actaeon he, with Ringwood at thy heels.MW II.i.111
O, odious is the name.O, odious is the name!MW II.i.112
The horne I say: Farewell:The horn, I say. Farewell.MW II.i.114
Take heed, haue open eye, for theeues doe foot by night.Take heed, have open eye, for thieves do foot by night.MW II.i.115
Take heed, ere sommer comes, or Cuckoo-birds do sing.Take heed, ere summer comes or cuckoo-birds do sing.MW II.i.116
Away sir Corporall Nim:Away, Sir Corporal Nym!MW II.i.117
Beleeue it (Page) he speakes sence.Believe it, Page; he speaks sense.MW II.i.118
Why then the world's mine Oyster,Why then, the world's mine oyster,MW II.ii.2
which I, with sword will open.Which I with sword will open. –MW II.ii.3
I will retort the sum in equipage.MW II.ii.4
Didst not thou share? hadst thou not fifteene pence?Didst thou not share? Hadst thou not fifteen pence?MW II.ii.14
I doe relent: what would thou more of man?I do relent. What wouldst thou more of man?MW II.ii.29
This Puncke is one of Cupids Carriers,This punk is one of Cupid's carriers.MW II.ii.131
Clap on more sailes, pursue: vp with your sights:Clap on more sails; pursue; up with your fights;MW II.ii.132
Giue fire: she is my prize, or Ocean whelme them all.Give fire! She is my prize, or ocean whelm them all!MW II.ii.133