Original textModern textKey line
Sir, here's a woman would speake with you.Sir, here's a woman would speak with you.MW II.ii.30
I had rather (forsooth) go before you like a man,I had rather, forsooth, go before you like a manMW III.ii.5
then follow him like a dwarfe.than follow him like a dwarf.MW III.ii.6
Sir Iohn Falstaffe.Sir John Falstaff.MW III.ii.20
My M. Sir Iohn is come in at your backe dooreMy master, Sir John, is come in at your back-door,MW III.iii.22
Mist. Ford, and requests your company.Mistress Ford, and requests your company.MW III.iii.23
I, Ile be sworne: my Master knowes not of yourAy, I'll be sworn. My master knows not of yourMW III.iii.26
being heere: and hath threatned to put me into euerlastingbeing here, and hath threatened to put me into everlastingMW III.iii.27
liberty, if I tell you of it: for he sweares he'll turneliberty if I tell you of it; for he swears he'll turnMW III.iii.28
me away.MW III.iii.29
Mistris Ford, Mistris Ford: heere's Mistris Mistress Ford, Mistress Ford! Here's MistressMW III.iii.81
Page at the doore, sweating, and blowing, and lookingPage at the door, sweating and blowing and lookingMW III.iii.82
wildely, and would needs speake with you presently.wildly, and would needs speak with you presently.MW III.iii.83